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Trasi is a small village on the Eastern Coast of India and is like a getaway from Goa, Bangalore, Mangalore and a number of other places. This lovely location has made the place even more popular. The main attraction of this small village is of course the Turtle Beach. The name is such due to the fact that many turtles migrate to here to lay eggs. The beach gives you the opportunity not ust to enjoy the beauty and tranquility but also many other water sports and activities. The Christ King Church attraction is the second most important attraction here.

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So, this place is Trasi, a popular beach destination for the beach lovers....

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Trasi,another small town in south canara now home to the famous Turtle bay resort....

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Trasi, Karnataka 576235, India
So, this place is Trasi, a popular beach destination for the beach lovers. The beaches here are virgin unlike the beaches of Goa or Pondicherry and you’ll find them very clean. The white sands are the major attraction of this place. And if you are at Trasi then the best place to stay is Turtle Bay Beach resort. Located at some distance away from the main highway, this is an old resort with limited number of rooms.You’ll get the real feel of a sea-shore when you enter this place. Sand all around, the red brick quaint cottages stand firm against the thunderstorms. There is even a yoga room for fitness conscious people. And for the rest, there is a vast beautiful beach! This place is not luxurious like Taj or Hyatt but for true blue surfers, this is a must visit. As the name suggests, when there is turtle breeding season, you’ll find many turtles on the beach, laying eggs. And that is one very special moment as turtles from as far as Japan as well come here to lay eggs and then leave and then you’ll find baby turtles trudging all across the sandy beach struggling to get to the water. You should target this season to come here.When we went there, it was the off-season, the furious monsoons. After having spent the entire day at beach, we came back to the sea facing cottage and that was when it started pouring heavily. The rain wouldn’t stop and the waves seemed nearer than before! And then there was a thunderstorm and I for the first time in my life witnessed the strong winds capable of blowing away everything with them. It was a different experience. The monstrous sea at night roared wild and seemed to engulf the resort.And in this commotion, we dozed off…Day 5: Hyderabad, Bilaspur (Song of the day – Home Sweet Home: Motley Crue)Next day, I woke up really early and went to the sea. The same sea which was roaring the previous night seemed all calm and serene. I didn’t lose this opportunity to swim in the sea. The cold, salt water reached within and gave a sense of relief. This was my last day of this adventurous road trip, for after this we were home bound and the fun died away.After we had a quick breakfast, we pushed off and I bid a silent goodbye to the sea which had given me so much joy the previous day.Well, next we reached Hyderabad and then Bilaspur and nothing happening happened on the way except that we were just moving on an on.THE END…PS – Road trips are always a pleasure and that too those ones which are absolutely unplanned. So, once in a while it is advisable to plunge deep into the adventure and drive on, for it is ‘my way and the highway…’Important Places to stay: Hotel Vijay Comforts (Subramanya) Hotel Advaith Lancer (Sringeri) Dodda Mane home stay (Agumbe) Gundimane home-stay (Jog Falls) Turtle Bay Beach Resort (Trasi) This is a great place to stay in Subramanya. It is posh and away from the clamour of the town.
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Marvanthe Beach Property, Trasi, Karnataka 576247


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