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Day 5 – 22-07-2017 Khalsar -> TurTuk -> Tyakshi -> KhalsarWokeup early with the blissful view from the tent. Had breakfast, but started quite late at 11 am. Left for turtuk. we reached turuk and then tyakshi ( last village inthe Indian territory ) Loc at 330 PM.After few hiccups, we finally could enter the military zone at LOC – Jai Shivaji !! Jai Bhavani !! Jai Maharashtra!! Jai Hind!!LOC is about 120 Kms from Khalsar.LOC – Mountain ranges of siachen and on the banks of river combined from siachen and shyok . During summer, villagers stay at bit high altitude above the tyakshi village and during winter they star at tyakshi village – same height of turtuk.While return journey, we coundn’t go for double humped camel ride at hunder, as we reached late. Had dinner at 10 PM in diskit, good food, Bambaiya taste. It was quitedark outside and lil cold too. Left for camping site. Planned for next day and then slept.

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