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We started from Kargil towards Ladakh. One should cross Fotula pass, which is one of two high passes between Kargil and Leh , to get to Ladakh. All the grenary was far gone by this time. Ladakh was land of mountains, very dry brown mountains. It was very beautiful in its own way. We stopped at Fotula for some time, enjoyed the scenery and continued our journey. After Fotula was a small town named Lamayuru. It had a famous monastery and this was our start of visiting monastries. Lamayuru monastery was on a hill top, beautifully designed. On the way, we saw local brother and sister, brother carrying sister's bag which was cute. Then we headed to monastery. It was very peaceful. We saw Buddha and saw some view points inside and headed for lunch. After some time of our journey , we were seeing a blue river flowing through our travel. Enquired, we got to know it was river INDUS/SINDH. We studied a lot about Indus Valley civilization when kids and I was extremely thrilled to see it flow with all the glory. As we decided to camp in Ladakh region, we booked for "WEST LADAKH CAMPS". This camp is set just above Indus river. We could hear hush bush sound of water all through. River, tent and stars made our night. This was a perfect place for star gazing. It was very cold even in summer. We were in our chairs on bank of Indus river star gazing for a very long time. It was very cold that each of us needed three blankets to sustain. We were lucky The camp was very empty the day we came and so full the very next day.

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