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So, five things to do in Verona that don’t involve Juliet or her balcony:...

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So there are many things to do in Italy....

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Top Places To Visit 193 Spots

Regaste Redentore, 2, Verona, Italy
4. See an opera at the Arena or a concert at the Teatro Romano (Roman amphiteatre). We saw Ennio Morricone with an orchestra at the Arena last year, and it was amazing.
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About Verona

Day 13: Check out of Hotel Castello Vicchiomaggio in Chianti. Take bus/car from Chianti to Florence. Take train from Florence to Verona. Check in Hotel Giulietta e Romeo in Verona. Opera at Arena - Romeo and Juliet was magnificent; get seats closest to the stage

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Verona is from March to July

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