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So, five things to do in Verona that don’t involve Juliet or her balcony:...

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An easy train connection south to Romeo and Juliet’s Verona and the surrounding vineyards....

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Regaste Redentore, 2, Verona, Italy
4. See an opera at the Arena or a concert at the Teatro Romano (Roman amphiteatre). We saw Ennio Morricone with an orchestra at the Arena last year, and it was amazing.
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We reached Milan by 5 PM in the evening.It was a great trip that took us back in time.

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18:00 h. Zurich – Arrival at the shores of Lake Zurich and free time to explore the monumental city centre. Visitors have a choice of Indian, Chinese, Italian and other restaurants in which to dine. Return to hotel about 22 hrs.Total distance: 180kmAlpine scenery in its purest essence.Note : please bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes to climb to the ski resort.09:00 h. Zurich – Departure.10:30 h. Eingelberg – Arrival. The trip includes a ride on the Trubsee cable car to the ski resort. We will continue ascending with the cable car to the top of Mount Titlis.15:00 h. We carry on to Lucerne.15:45 h. Lucerne – Arrival in time to explore one of the most interesting Swiss cities and see the KapellBrück, a covered bridge over the river Reuss, the Town Hall and Square with its Clock Tower and its pedestrian streets and elegant shops. Different options for lunch.18:30 h. Return to Zurich.

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Best time to visit Verona is from March to July

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