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So, five things to do in Verona that don’t involve Juliet or her balcony:...

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So there are many things to do in Italy....

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Top Places To Visit 6 Spots

5. Buy a fruit cup from the permanent market stalls in piazza delle Erbe and feel virtuous for taking a pizza/gelato break. Or, if you need something more substantial, visit the food floor of department store Excelsior just around the corner on Via Mazzini. Though somehow, despite all the choices on offer, my parents and I managed to all order hamburgers when I visited with them. oops.
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Hotel Leon d’Oro is a good place to park bags: small walk from the centre and massive comfort able rooms. Definitely make a meal-stop at Osteria Al Duomo and try some donkey-meat pasta (Bigoni Al Assimo). There is horse-meat too. History has it that people travelling across the Dolomites (alpine extension) stopped here in Verona before making the ascent to discard their old tired horses and to take new young stallions onwards. There wasn’t much to do with these weary rides but to make into a good stew. The tough meat needed long cooking to soften so don’t expect Carpaccio–style dishes here. If you like it meaty and gnawy, horse is the way to go and no better place than Verona for it.
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About Verona

Day 13: Check out of Hotel Castello Vicchiomaggio in Chianti. Take bus/car from Chianti to Florence. Take train from Florence to Verona. Check in Hotel Giulietta e Romeo in Verona. Opera at Arena - Romeo and Juliet was magnificent; get seats closest to the stage

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Best time to visit Verona is from March to July


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