Italy, Paris, and Switzerland Trip

2nd Oct 2016

Chasing beautiful locales in Italy, Paris, and Switzerland

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Transfer from airport to hotel where our local guide will be waiting to provide you with the necessary information on your arrival.

Day 1

19:30 h. Transfer to the central district of Esquilino. Its attractive streets are filled with typical venues such as popular trattorias and oysterhouses, as well as international restaurants. Return to hotel about 22.30 hrs.

Guided tour of the Vatican City and admission to the Coliseum.

09:00 h. The morning starts with an interesting tour of the “Eternal City”, in which we will visit the Caracalla Baths, Venice Square, Circo Massimo, the Capitoline Hill and St. John Lateran.

Admission to the Coliseum included. This building, which dates from the first century, was built for the purpose of organising entertainment for the Romans, such as gladiator combats. We have the chance to learn about the ancient society of the Roman Empire. We visit the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Day 2

18:30 h. Transfer to Via Cavour, which has many local restaurants and others that serve international cuisine, including Indian and Chinese. Return to hotel about 22.30 hrs.

Total distance: 310km

Scenery: Apennine Mountains and Tuscan vineyards.

Note: We recommend you wear comfortable shoes as the tour of Florence involves walking.

08:00h Rome – Departure, passing through the Tiber Valley.

Day 3

12:30h Florence – Our first contact with the Renaissance city is Piazzale Michelangelo, a viewpoint with marvellous views of the city. Don’t forget to take your camera! Walking tour with local guide, lasting two and a half hours. We visit the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vechio, Straw Market, Piazza Republica, Palacio Vecchio. Free afternoon to explore and visit the city’s historical markets and museums. The city has many restaurants that offer a wide variety of local and international food, where you can dine. Return to hotel about 22 hrs

Total distance: 270km

Scenery: we cross the Apennines and the Po Valley.

09:00h Florencia – Departure, passing through mountain scenery.

12:45h Venice – Arrival at Tronchetto Gate where we take the boat and cross the Grand Canal to the Island of Venice.Comprehensive tour with a local guide to St. Mark’s Square and the interior of St, Mark’s Basilica (admission included). Visit to the Murano Glass Factory where we will see a demonstration of how this ancient glass is made. Free afternoon.

Day 4

19:00h Return to firm land and transfer to hotel. Dinner in the Mestre district, which has many local and international restaurants. Return to hotel about 22.30 hrs.

Total distance: 545km

Scenery: we head for the Alps, with their mountains, lakes and valleys.

Note: The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc.

We cross the Swiss border. Don’t forget to have your passports ready.

08:00 h. Venice – Departure, crossing the Po Valley.

09:30 h. Verona – Our guide will tell you the best way to visit this city, which has many interesting monuments: Bra Square, Roman Theatre dating from the 1st century, Erbe Square, Statue of Dante, Mediaeval Walls and the house of Juliet, from the famous story of Romeo and Juliet.

12:00 h. We continue towards Switzerland and the Alps. Lunch on the way.

Day 5

18:00 h. Zurich – Arrival at the shores of Lake Zurich and free time to explore the monumental city centre. Visitors have a choice of Indian, Chinese, Italian and other restaurants in which to dine. Return to hotel about 22 hrs.

Total distance: 180km

Alpine scenery in its purest essence.

Note : please bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes to climb to the ski resort.

09:00 h. Zurich – Departure.

10:30 h. Eingelberg – Arrival. The trip includes a ride on the Trubsee cable car to the ski resort. We will continue ascending with the cable car to the top of Mount Titlis.

15:00 h. We carry on to Lucerne.

15:45 h. Lucerne – Arrival in time to explore one of the most interesting Swiss cities and see the KapellBrück, a covered bridge over the river Reuss, the Town Hall and Square with its Clock Tower and its pedestrian streets and elegant shops. Different options for lunch.

18:30 h. Return to Zurich.

Day 6

19:00 h. Zurich – Dinner in the restaurant of your choice. Transfer to hotel about 22 hrs.

Total distance: 690 km

Scenery: Lakes and mountains in Switzerland. Note: We enter France, remember to have your passport ready.

07:30 h. – Zurich – Departure.

09:00 h. – Berna – Arrival-. Free time in the Swiss capital which has an attractive historical centre with the appearance of a “large village”. We will visit the Federal Council Square, the Cathedral and the Clock Tower, and see the city’s statues and fountains.

11:00 h. – Berne – Departure-. View of Neuchatel Lake. We cross the Free Country amidst beautiful scenery. After crossing the French border we will stop for dinner in a service area.

Day 7

18:30 h. -Paris – Arrival.

Guided tour lasting two hours and a half. Cruise on the river Seine. Ascent to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, and transfer to Gare du Nord station.

09:00h Comprehensive tour of Paris with a local guide, visiting the Champs Elysees, Arch of Triumph, Concorde Square, Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Palace, Garnier Opera House, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Town Hall of Paris, Eiffel Tower, etc.Includes admission to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower in the lift.

The visit is followed by a spectacular cruise on the river Seine.

Free afternoon.

Day 8

18:30 h. (approximately). Transfer to Gare du Nord station, where most of the Hindu population live. Time to have dinner in any of the neighbouring restaurants. Transfer to hotel about 22.30 hrs.

Day 9

After breakfast, end of our services.

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