A Walk Back in Italy

20th Aug 2014
Photo of A Walk Back in Italy 1/8 by Kirti Gupta
The view from my room in florence
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Photo of A Walk Back in Italy 8/8 by Kirti Gupta

On my list of travel destinations Italy was amongst the top ones. Being an art student and art lover, this country where the great renaissance art masters lived once , which has an abundance of mesmerising small towns  , beautiful countryside and one of the richest art  history , I was just so attracted to this country and longed to visit Italy.

So Italy is not merely about Milan, Venice , pizza and pasta , its just so more then this. On this trip I was able to visit, a country side place, Venice, Florence and Verona.

Each day in this country, whether it be watching sunset with a beautiful Arno river in foreground, a lunch of Pasta with some natives, standing in front of art pieces like The David , sipping a fresh morning Italian expresso, buying the expensive Italian leather jacket or visiting the vineyards all made me admire and love this country more and more.

Also this was the first country where i faced the language problem and so i learned to cope up with a new travel situation. So Italy i would say made me more aware of my passion towards art and i believe I will go back some day to explore some more parts of this country.

Florence- the city of artists. This is sure i would say a pilgrimage spot for an artist and also art lovers. Even if some one is not a big fan of sculptures , architecture and paintings after visiting Florence he/ she will go through a transition ,so immensely is this city's every corner depicting stories with its art. Florence is blessed with amazing squares , the Arno river, bridges, the oldest churches and of course its art history. This city has restaurants to tickle your taste buds and when you go shopping don't forget to buy the authentic Italian leather Jacket or shoes. In morning you can take peaceful strolls in the city while getting the aroma of freshly brewed expresso and at night the squares are full of glittering soft lights in the restaurants and live performances in the squares. Places which i visited and which are strongly recommended are:- -Ponte Vecchio bridge:- also known as the old bridge this bridge over the Arno river is having shops of Goldsmiths on both side , so walking on this bridge which is always full of tourists and having one of the best pastries which is sold by some of the bakeries on this shop is vital. -Palazzo Pitti:- the Pitti Palace along with the unbelievable frescos in its Great chambers also provides with a full panoramic view of Florence from the top of its ascending garden. - Galleria dell'accademia, Uffizi Gallery:- these galleries gave me startling moments of Standing in front of the Artwork of the great renaissance artists. - Palazzo Vecchio - visit an Opera house to see the distinguished Italian opera art. -Piazza della Signiria- this is the most famous square in Florence and is also an open air museum.
Of course Venice is presently number one on the list of romantic destinations in the world and its painted on canvas like scenes deserve this status. This lagoon city is so beautiful that when first i reached here it took me some time convince myself that i was standing in this magical place. The serenity of this place is enhanced by the fact that it does not have the traffic and mechanical noises like other cities. Here are some of the must do's in Venice:- - Get around in a Gandola- this slow and steady ride is a nice experience . - visit Saint Marks Basilia- they say that you can breath gold in this church, so heavily is this church adorned with Gold. - Enjoy a bit with the venetian pigeons. - cool down with the delicious Gelato.
We all know a little bit of Verona , thanks to Shakespeare and his epic works specially Romeo and Juliet. I was shocked to know that this city in Veneto has a huge post office which receives letters addressed to Romeo or Juliet from all over the world and it even sends back replies. I saw lovers who go to the Juliet's balcony to make their love eternal. It was nice to know also that this city is a world heritage site. Verona is the place one would like to roam around for the whole day, so while walking here is what is not to be missed:- - Arena di Verona:- this amphitheatre is one of the best preserved structures of its kind. - visit Casa de Julieta:- this is said to be the house of Juliet, i was amazed to see so many peolpe coming from around the world to see the house if a person who never existed. - sceneries of Lake Garda:- this largest lake in Italia is a hot holiday destination.
The real spirit of Italy can be captured best through its small towns . Here you can see how people still have a grasp to their traditional roots. Veneto is a small town near Venice . So many tourists miss it, but they don't know what a Gem they are loosing. So whenever in an Italian small town never miss visiting a wine factory , a walk by the vineyards or better in them and ofcourse a meal with some locals.