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Getting to Dzukou ValleyI was feeling lazy, so I didn't wake up till 10 am. I had planned to do the Dukou valley trek, so I asked around the locals about how to reach and all. There are 2 ways to reach Dzukou Valley, one from Zakhama village, which is relatively shorter but very steep, and another from Viswema, which is longer and very muddy, but relatively very easy. I decided to start from Zakhama (you can get a traveller from BOC to Zakhama for 50 rs). I packed some snacks and water from the village, and started at around 1 PM. At the starting point I met some guys who were coming down, and they suggested me not to go because I was alone, and also late to start as it gets dark early in the and It'll take at least 5 hours to reach the valley. I also did not know what the place had to offer, or how the trek is going to be for that matter, but then "I don't follow rules, I follow adventure". I started the trek, path was really muddy for the first few kilometres and then started the climbing. It was not really the issue with the climbing but I was bit scared, remembering my experience at David Scott Trail, as I was alone and it was equivalent to the dark in the deep forest due to the clouds and the canopy, hardly letting any sunlight to penetrate. I was praying that it would not rain. There was a point during the trek, I was like dude this can't be the way up. I thought I was lost, but I was using the map to see the how much elevation I have to gain and which direction is the Dzukou valley(photo point), you should use the terrine feature on the google maps, it’s really helpful to maneuver the way up . I took only 3 hours to reach the top, and I was really proud of myself hehe. I really had no idea of what to expect from the valley, I knew it was beautiful, but what I saw up there blew my mind.

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