10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Russia to Catch a Cold Russian Vacation

Photo of 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Russia to Catch a Cold Russian Vacation by Rahul Tiwari

Russia is the biggest country in the world. On the map, it looks like a bull spread from the eastern part of Europe to Japan in the west. The size is similar to the massland found in Russia. It is simply a land full of “diversity” - deserts, mountains, heritage sites, icy lakes, art museums, modern cities and so much more. As a tourism location, there are plenty of places to visit that will make you choose the top Russia tour packages for your next amazing holiday.

10 Places to Visit in Russia for Memorable Trip

Photo of Sochi, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Red Square, Moscow, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Kazan, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Karélia, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Irkutsk, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Yekaterinburg, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Vladivostok, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia by Rahul Tiwari
Photo of Novosibirsk, Russia by Rahul Tiwari

It’s not the capital but a fabulous beach resort that has found itself at the top of the list of places that you can visit in Russia. The city became a prime center of prominence when it hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. Sochi is a beautiful land with a horde of greens that span the entire destination. Some of the top attractions that Sochi consists of are Orlinyye Skaly, Dacha Stalina, Agurskiye Vodopady, Pervyy Zmeykovskiy Vodopad and Sochinskiy Hudozhestvennye Muzey.

A very popular city square located in Moscow, the capital city, Red Square is an amazing place to visit while on a tour to Russia. The square very much separates the Kremlin from historic merchant quarters. Often considered as a central square in Moscow which joins the major streets, roadways and transportation in Russia.

Photo of St Petersburg, Russia by Rahul Tiwari

A major city of Russia holding immense historical events with the Leningrad blockade one of the most prominent events that took place in World War 2. Leningrad was the former name of St. Petersburg and remains to this day Russia’s biggest cultural capital. You can find multiple theaters like the Mariinsky Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre, The Hermitage and so much more showcasing cultural shows. Some tourist attractions that are a must visit include Peterhof, Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Nevsky Avenue and Palace Square.

Kazan is one of a metropolis in Russia which is cosmopolitan and houses people from diverse religions and cultures. The Kazan Kremlin is one of the top tourist attractions in Russia that has been declared as a UNESCO historical site. Other than that you can visit the cathedrals, museums, 18th century watchtowers and so much more. Tired of exploring the city, visit the Bauman Street to find a line of restaurants, bars, bookshops and movie theaters.

Extending from the White Sea coast to the Gulf of Finland, the land of the republic of Karelia is an important one in terms of cultural significance for the people of Finland, Sweden and Russia. The region holds two of Europe’s largest lakes - Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga. You can tour some amazing places in Karelia including Valaam, Kizhi Museum, Kivach Falls, Valaam Monastery, Paanajärvi National Park, Volcano Girvas and so much more.

Located in the eastern Siberian region, on the banks of Angara River, lies a city by the name of Irkutsk. The riverside has a number of religious buildings including churches like the Epiphany Cathedral and the Spasskaya Church. Expect a great amount of neoclassical architecture that will take you back to those times. The Kirov Square is a popular place and the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum will make sure that you keep in touch with some updated Russian art. Some other top attractions in the city are Kazanskaya Tserkov', Irkutsk nerpinary, Ice-Breaker "Angara" Museum, Botanic Gardens, Baikal Dunes and more.

To the east of the famous and mammoth Ural mountains, is a city by the name of Yekaterinburg very well-known for the golden-domed Church on the Blood, built in the early 21st century. You will find yourself enjoying multiple other tourist attractions including the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, the Keyboard Monument, Observation deck and so much more.

Vladivostok is a major port city that overlooks the Golden Horn Bay that borders China and North Korea. The Trans-Siberian Railway has its terminus here and which takes about 7 days to visit the capital city of Moscow. The central square in the city is a monumental place which reminds of the bloody past of local soldiers fighting the Japanese forces in the 20th century. Some top notch destinations to visit in this prime city are Vladivostok Fortress, Zolotoy Rog, Eagle's Nest Hill, Primorskiy Oceanarium, Russky Bridge, Popov Island and Pokrovsky park.

A Russian land that actually does not share its borders with Russia, lying between the countries of Lithuania and Poland along the Baltic. The city took major hits during the second world war and has been largely re-built after the war. You will definitely get to observe the German influence in the attraction called Brandenburg Gate and the fishing village located on the banks of the river. Some top places that you can tour in Kaliningrad include the Amber Museum, Königsberg Cathedral, Museum of the World Ocean, King's Gate, Fort Fredericksburg and so many more.

Located in the southern part of Russia, Novosibirsk is a Siberian city that completely bisects the Ob river. The Novosibirsk Rail Bridge is a monumental attraction of the city showcasing 19th century construction. You can expect some more 19th century architecture that is visible through the Byzantine-style cathedrals, operas and ballet theaters. One of the most popular attractions in the city includes the Novosibirsk Zoo which is home to Bengal tigers, leopards, and Siberian lynxes. Some top attractions include Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Akvamir, Museum for Railway Technology, Tsentralnyy Park and much more.

The places in Russia offer some amazing options to tour medieval century destinations. So, don’t wait up, visit these top destinations with some attractive Russia tour packages that you can customize according to your own will. Yes, you can! Now, visit only those attractions, live at hotels, hire a cab or a bus, everything at your own decision. That’s how easy and convenient going to Russia is!