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2018 is near to end and as much as we race with life , I think we should take time to thank everything that has been offered to us. Isn't it? You see, I was never someone to look for things to be grateful for. I was always looking for the bad things that happened to me. It didn’t matter if it was something big like death of near one or something as little as "oh i spilled coffee on my dress , again". I was in a constant state of ‘poor me‘. But as I sit down in this Starbucks taking a break from shopping , sipping coffee and looking out the window, seeing families doing the annual thanksgiving shopping ritual just like me , I just have one thing to say - life is better than I deserve. The world is full of pain and sufferings, hardships, disappointments and regrets and the fact that i can spend 2 mins of calmness with myself , just enjoying my surroundings is no less than a miracle. I am blessed to bless. Gifted to give. I am lucky, fortunate and yes not everyone gets it. Being grateful is a choice, so today ( before I run back to my shopping spree) , here is a list of 10 things I am thankful for.

1) Life :

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You know when you are a kid and you are made to do certain things like homework , community service, help elderly etc which at that time really seems pointless but later you realise those were life lessons. I am really grateful for life and and all the life lessons that have come with it. Yes at times , I have doubts , I question my decisions but I think overall I am very happy the way my life has got shaped. I have a good job . I get time to pursue my passion. I have a rock solid life partner. And a family who is always by my side. I feel settled, secured, sure and excited about the roads ahead.

2) Health :

I turned 33 this year . I was able to see another birthday. I’m still here. I’m healthy. I have the sense of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. Ten fingers including two thumbs (you know life is hard without thumbs). Two healthy legs that let me move around freely and without pain. Life is so uncertain. Tomorrow is not promised and things can change at any given moment. As cliché as it is to say, each day that we wake up is a blessing in itself. And yes I never forget it.

3) Family , Love and Happiness :

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You can't be thankful enough for these keys elements of your life - Family , love and happiness. I am blessed with a family who loves me , supports me and pretty much have my back on every thick and thin of life.I am married to love of my life. He is considerate , looks after me and puts a big smile on my face . And that’s all us girls need , right - A big hug everyday, a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, a best friend and a lover. He fits my checklist pretty darn perfectly. With family and spouse and their unbound love - happiness seals the deal :) . I am thankful that I don't wake up with a sense of loneliness. I am surrounded by people who are definitely my support system and love me no matter what.

4) Food and clean drinking water :

There are two things that i really wish we all could be more appreciative about - Food and clean drinking water. There is so much wastage specially when it comes to food that I feel before throwing away anything , we should think twice. Think about the people who can just dream about having one meal a day and it is worth considering the dire situations many people go through for basic things that we take for granted. Their problems actually mean life or death . I am grateful that I am able to eat and drink without much second thought.

5) Travels:

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I am fortunate enough to dream. And even more fortunate that my dreams do come true. As a kid I would have never imagined that I would ever see so much of the world as I have already. I have been able to see 30 plus countries , and yes I do plan to see many more.To top it all I have this blog to share my travel tales with you all. Can't be thankful enough to have the means to see the world at my leisure , on my terms , on my schedule.

6) Career:

How often do you hear - Oooh I love my Job. In my case it is actually true. I am thankful for a stable career. Yes it does come up with some ups and downs of visa and some office politics. But hey, as long as I am able to do what i love - no complains at all. Even after working for more than 10 years in IT , I am happy to report - I am not bored yet. I am pretty happy with the functional domain I am working in and for once I am pretty sure what kind of work I like. I am not directionless and I do have an aim.

7) Home:

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Oooh my God - sooooo much to be thankful . In todays time , when people are in war-ridden areas being displaced from their homes and moving country to country for refuge , I have a roof over my head, warmth in my home, a place to sleep, a place to shower, shoes on my feet, clothing, a means of transportation… I have more than many others get in a lifetime. I feel I am blessed with everything that can make my life comfortable and enjoyable and that is something definitely to be thankful for.

8) Freedom :

I am so fortunate to enjoy the freedom to express myself , to worship as I choose, and to be who I am . I have been brought up in a family where daughters are adored more than sons. Where educating a girl has been and always is a top priority. Where I had the freedom to dress-up the way I want and have my own perspective and stance on issues. I am thankful to my parents for making the person who I am and making me realize the value of freedom , choice and expression and of-course the responsibility that comes with it.

9) Friendships :

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I will so like to call out some names here. My current job has given me a friend like Khushboo - who is really a soul sister. And yes you Ankita - I know we live far but i know you are always a phone call away. GP ( as i like to call him) , the guy who stood by my side when I took the wedding wows.... yes you all are my pillars and i know you guys are strong coz I lean on you guys more than often :P .

And this list would not be complete without thanking :

10) My Followers - My Insta Fam , Facebook Fam and Blog fam :

You did not think that I will forget you - did you? I really appreciate you stopping by my site, reading my ramblings and following my story. It means a lot. You give me push to write , to click ,to edit. You have so much going on in your lives, and so many things to balance all at once - yet you stop by on this website , and give me a read - Thank you so much. Nothing is more satisfying than getting an email from one of you or a comment on one of the blog post saying - "I am bookmarking this blog post :)".

So that's it, the things that I am thankful for. My coffee is already finished and I think I need to get back to shopping. But hey , before you go , please share your thoughts, thanks, precious lessons learned in life and personal gratitude stories with me in the comments below. Spread the love of being Thankful :) and thank you so much for stopping by.

One last thing :

If you could name just one thing, that you are super duper thankful for, what would it be?

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