12 Picturesque Villages In India That Will Outdo Your Big City Fantasies


Away from the scintillating time of neon lights, booze reeking bars, and hammered and sex-charged souls of the big city, there lies a story somewhere far from the concrete grey walls and your office cubicle. Villages sound rather rustic when you think of them, but it is where the poetic essence lies. The expansive vistas of its beautiful landscape promise to deliver an awe rendering feeling that is self-salving and full of solace.
To experience India in its most au naturel pattern, pay a quick and fruitful visit to these unbelievably picturesque villages and take an outward route to the non-commercialized aesthetic side of the country.

Plan a getaway to the harmonious village of Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana is one of the most interesting villages in India. Located in the Kullu valley of the Himalayas, it is believed to be one of the first democracies in the world. Its flawless beauty is simply unmatched and untainted, which calls in for a getaway to the clouds and fresh air, for which your lungs will thank you.

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Photo of Malana, Himachal Pradesh, India by Harleen Kalsi

India's only hot water spring Village, Panamik in Ladakh

Accessible via Khardung La, Panamik is the village situated 150kms from Leh, which is a gateway to the jaw-dropping land of Nubra Valley. It is bounded by snow-clad mountains and is famous for hot water sulphur springs where travelers flock from around the world for a quick dip. This has to be one of the unique places in India that is also the last village before Siachen Glacier.

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Photo of Panamik Hot Spring by Harleen Kalsi

Travel to one of the highest villages in the World - Kibber, Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh

At the altitude of about 14000ft, Kibber village is a mesmerizing land inhabiting few locals within a gorgeous naturescape that paints a perfect imagery of rough-hewn brown and white texture. Here you can trek to one of highest and largest monasteries in the world, the Key monastery whose mighty structure is not easy to forget, but surely is something to make memories out of.

Credits: Mayank Kohli

Photo of Kibber, Himachal Pradesh, India by Harleen Kalsi

For an ideal coastal village getaway - Poovar, Kerala

Where the remote land opens the way to the giant mouth of the ocean, Poovar is a quiet coastal village tucked at the southern tip of Trivandrum. For a village, it underlines phenomenal beachscape view for a seamless vacation. It is idyllic for people backpacking in Kerala.

A village where the Indian road ends – Chitkul in Kinnaur valley, Himachal Pradesh

Standing on the brink of the Indo-China border, it is the last village in India you can travel to without a permit. Like many other remote villages in the Himalayas, it is also strewn with houses made of wooden plank roofs typically demonstrating the good ole rustic look of the countryside. Travel to its rugged terrains for a day’s affair with nature.

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Photo of Poovar, Kerala, India by Harleen Kalsi

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Photo of Poovar, Kerala, India by Harleen Kalsi

Where there are no hotels - Zuluk Village in Sikkim, India

If you had a nickel for every time someone mentions the unusual beauty of India, you'd be loading a buttload! Zuluk is one such offbeat destination, which lies on the ancient Silk route. While its capturing effect reflects the fact that there are no hotels in this enchanting village and visitors will have to stay with the locals. Secondly, the route to this village is quite an adventure in itself, as it drives down via the swirling loops of 32 hairpin turns.

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Photo of 12 Picturesque Villages In India That Will Outdo Your Big City Fantasies by Harleen Kalsi

India's first heritage village - Pragpur, Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh

It is where you will cross path made of cobbled stones, dotted with quaint architectural gems. A well-maintained village nestled in the brisk beauty of the Himalayas; it is also the base for other touristy locations such as Mcleodganj, Palampur and many more. Do not miss this little hamlet on your backpacking detour in Himachal Pradesh.

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Photo of Zuluk, Sikkim, India by Harleen Kalsi

For a cultural immersion affair, Visit Dong Village in Arunachal Pradesh

A village that sits at the confluence of three countries; Dong is the easternmost village in India. For all those scenery-loving photographers, its panoramic setting is worth the visit. What’s quite unique about this village is that it consists of just three huts and people here believe in the simpler means of life, but are very welcoming.

Rejuvenate and vanish the blurred thoughts at Kalap in Uttarakhand

Every hustle-bustle city has a quick background with detox written on it. Kalap is the untouched of the Garhwal hills, it is where the dusty mist disappears and the fresh, clear atmosphere brings itself alive. Allow the challenging roar of the hills dominate you till your next day at work.

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Photo of Kalap, Uttarakhand, India by Harleen Kalsi

Stay at the most exotic village in India – Mawlynnong, East Khasi hills in Meghalaya

A getaway to the mountains and a stay at the cleanest village in Asia; Mawlynnong is located about 90kms from the charming city of Shillong. Known for its soothing greenery and magnificently manoeuvred management that the village has, which is a treat for the sore eyes. Stay with locals and mingle with them for a tour of the town nearby and to the surreal living root bridge.

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Photo of Mawlynnong, Meghalaya, India by Harleen Kalsi

11. Take a walk around the Moonland village of IndiLamaa - Lamayuru, Ladakh

Painted with the saturated shades of brown, grey and white; Lamayuru is where lovely little houses are scattered around its largest and one of the oldest Monasteries. Plan a walking tour among its dramatic topography that locals believe share some striking resemblance with that of the moon and be ready to come back with kickass camera shots.

Credits: Bino Caina

Photo of Lamayuru by Harleen Kalsi

12. Celebrate serenity at the most striking fishing village in India – Muttom, Tamil Nadu

Lined with the sparkling shoreline and rocky cliffs and caves, Muttom is perfect for a placid shut out from the rest of the world. Despite its tidiness and attractive appeal, the beach is least crowded and offers a effervescent sunset view from the coast and lighthouse.

Photo of Muttom, Tamil Nadu, India by Harleen Kalsi

Pack your bags and head out for a calm retreat to the most gorgeous villages of India.

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