Half of the guy’s lives and full of the girl’s lives revolve around this interesting concept of bargaining. Especially in India, where getting a highly bargained product and knowing the best bargaining techniques is imbibed in the diary of our achievements and is flaunted for generations.

On this haggling note, lets find out some of the classic bargaining techniques to crack the best deal.

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True, peeps! Shoppers are very keen to have a good start of the day by trying to make a good sell. Its considered as a good luck for the whole day and in the evening also when they are wrapping up all the stuff, they often cater to the requests of discounts. So you better know now, when to step out to make a perfect deal.

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That’s the only way you can have a good bargaining conversation! See.. agreeing to a midway price will satisfy the ego of both the parties (buyer and seller). So, quote a lower price, have a teeny tiny bicker and finally get down to a price which doesn’t seem much higher to you. A win win basically.

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Do you know where I live? I am the neighbor of “Tinku bhaiya ki mummy ki chachi” (The aunt of Tinku’s mother). How much discount will you give me now on buying 1 kg tomatoes? This seriously calls for a fantabulous deal breaker now!

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Ask the seller if there is some discount if you make the payment in cash. Also, you can buy more items from the same place to get a better deal. Sometimes a little bit flawed/defective item wont matter you much but will be a great deal to buy for some discount.

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I buy every piece of clothing from you, from handkerchiefs to curtains, from my own household items to every neighbor’s and relative’s household items in my vicinity. How in the name of god can you commit the crime of selling this piece of shit to me at such a high price?

By: Isha Chopra

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