How to Bargain Like a Boss in Rajasthan

22nd Mar 2017
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If you’re like me and you love shopping, you must know how to strike a great deal so you can have a pocket-friendly shopping experience in India.

Here are some tips that helped me reduce the price by nearly 60% without stepping on anyone’s toes, in Rajasthan – a great place for a shopaholic like me! ????

Never appear too eager

The first step to getting a great deal is to pretend to not be too keen to buy something. If the shop keeper notices that you really want something, it will reduce he likely hood of you getting a great deal.

Choose what you like and what you don’t

Confused? This is connected to the first point. The trick is request the shop keeper to show you a few items some which you aren’t so crazy about as well as the one you secretly must have. Then, in an indifferent manner pretend to look at the item you want and start asking for the price for all the items you have chosen. Mostly they will tell you that every item has a different price.

Act surprised

a great tip is to pretend to be taken aback when you hear the price and with shocking disbelief say ” you are quoting too much!”

A great tip is to speak in the local language or request a friend to do so for you.

50 % rule

Whatever price is quoted try quoting 50% less. This doesn’t always work because in some cases the price is marked up by just 10% or so. A great approach is start low and work your way up. When you mention your price, you can be sure to be met with a “no way”. Don’t be disheartened. Remain calm.

Be stubborn

Hold your ground and don’t flinch when you hear disagreement. Simply ask the shop keeper then how much he’s willing to reduce the price by. This should mostly bring you a bit of a discount.

Make it a conversation

While requesting for a price, be sure to have a conversational tone and remain pleasant. Your demeanor is important because if you cross the seller, you might just be dismissed and you can kiss your deal good-bye!

The old walkaway trick

Use this after you’ve been urging the seller to reduce the price (by now you will have gotten a lower price). If he’s still being adamant and quoting a very high price, then request him for one last time and then let him know that you will purchase the item at a reduced price and begin to walk away. Walk away slowly and you should ideally have him call back to you and agree to a lower price, if not the one you bargain: mentioned for.

And there you have it! A simple way to get great deals in the bazaars of Rajasthan. It’s not always easy and can be quite daunting but the key to mastering this art is practice.

Pro tip: Listen to locals purchasing similar items and try to figure out how much the seller is willing to give them the item for. This is useful if you aren’t too confident about bargaining yourself or aren’t fluent with the local language. Memorise some numbers in Hindi and it should help.

Have you used bargaining to strike an awesome deal in Rajasthan? Share your tricks in the comments below.

Use your discretion while bargaining and note that some places have an M.R.P. which is fixed. Therefore they won’t entertain bargaining.

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