6 Cheap Places to Shop in Chennai


Chennai Shopping destinations that make the budget

Looking for cheap and best shopping places in Chennai? Shopping is indeed a chore and something that not just the women enjoy. As much as men may not want to admit it, given the time, they would shop as much! Much time and planning go into this day long adventure. How about you shop at places that help you save up as well? Yes, there are such markets that provide very good quality products at prices less than what standalone stores and mall would charge you.

Here are some tips on 6 cheap places to shop in Chennai;

1. Theagaraya Nagar – a shopping haunt

The largest shopping district of the county lies in the city of Chennai and is known as Theagaraya Nagar. While most of the shops here deal in gold jewelry, there are a host of shops that sell almost everything that one can ask for. From silk sarees to household items - crockery, cutlery, toiletries, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, the list is endless. The market is also known for its varied price range. One can get a very good bargain here while some items are extremely expensive. The roadside stalls are a must visit as they stock some very good products to be purchased at good bargains.

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If you happen to go shopping during the festive season, be ready to brave the crowds. Yes, people come in droves to do shopping here as they prefer the quality and pricing of products here. A good number of eateries are also to be found here, should one get hungry after all that shopping and bargaining. Get ready for a hectic day as you go about shopping here.

2. Get lost in crowded George Town -

Consider shopping at George Town, a place that has a notorious reputation for being the most crowded market in the city. A walk through the Burma Bazar will mesmerize you. Beautiful and soft mulberry silk is sold here. To add to it, the beautiful Kanchipuram sarees are available in a number of designs. If this is not enough, you can browse through the numerous shops that sell toys, perfumes, electronic goods, jewelry, fabric, readymade garments, stationery items, gift items, traditional handicrafts, clothes, bags, shoes, junk accessories, mobile accessories and what not! It is a known fact that the price of products sold here is reasonable and thus George Town makes it to the list of 6 cheap places to shop in Chennai.

3. Holy Pondy – the Mecca of Shopping -

This place is considered to be the ‘Mecca’ of shopping destinations in Chennai. Yes, Pondy Bazar, apart from being an important commercial hub, is one of the busiest markets down south. No matter how long your shopping list is, you are sure to get every single item. Toys, clothes and shoes for all age groups, fragrances, jewelry items, household items and appliances, electronics, music and movie CD’s and DVD’s…there is no end to the list. Brands like Raymond, Nike, Fastrack, Woodland and LEE have their retail showrooms at this market. There are many more such brands that have established stores in Pondy Bazar. Undoubtedly, this is the craziest and liveliest place in all of Chennai. Guess what, international lingerie brands can also be sourced from this market. What more can one want? Make your list and set out to conquer Pondy Bazar.

4. Eye-Popping deals at Parry’s Corner -

Parry’s Corner is located on Godown Street, that which is around 200 years old. This street began with dealing with textiles. Business was only open to wholesale parties. Of course, this has changed thus making Parry’s a force in the shopping arena and guaranteeing it a place on our list of 6 cheap places to shop in Chennai. This place is way cheaper than any other shopping destination in Chennai and one can expect discounts ranging from 30-40%. Items from China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, fill the shelves of the many stores here. Now it is for you to decide, as Parry’s offers great bargains. Get a good pair of shoes on and start your scouting. Don’t forget to carry water; you will need it after much hassling and bargaining.

5. A little North, down South -

Sowcarpet is a heaven to shop for lehengas, churidars, cholis and other such dresses native to North India. The market can be located in the northern part of Chennai and as one would have guessed it, is filled with North Indians. Readymade garments in all their jazz and glory are sold here. You need to visit this market to experience what this write-up endeavors to tell you. Perhaps, then only drawback here us that you will need a local to take you around and communicate on your behalf as most speak Tamil here. Nevertheless, you will go home with more that what you thought you would buy. You better empty your wardrobe or buy a new suitcase before you start shopping here. That wallet of your will soon start thinning down with all the trips you make to Sowcarpet.

6. Roads that deliver deals -

While there is markets and mall, the best shopping experience is on the streets. Yes, browse through the numerous shops and make your purchases along the way. Some good spots would be Pangal Road, Ranganathan Street, North Usman Road and BB. Bharani Colony. These streets are dotted with stalls and stores that sell fabric, readymade garments, footwear, bangles and junk jewelry, bags and purses and much more. As a matter of fact, the locals prefer to shop while they walk along the streets and then hit the market areas. You will be better off doing the same – shopping while enjoying the best of South Indian culture at the same time. It is advisable to start early on as the roads get crowded by 10 am and also because most shops offer good bargains early on in the day. While there may be no specific name to this shopping spree, the roads here must be included in our list of 6 cheap places to shop in Chennai. So take time and see how you benefit from the best deals in Chennai.

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