5 Simple Steps: How to Plan a trip?


Going for a trip? Although it sounds exciting, one has to go through tons of nerve-racking processes while planning it. Here, I am going to break down the trip planning process into 5 simple steps, that will help you cut some confusion and plan a trip without a hustle.

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Step 1: Finalize the Key factors of the trip

Choose a place:

While a lot of people set their next trip destination almost when they come back from their last trip. There are other big factors that are to be kept in mind before finalizing the destination.

Below factors are to be kept in mind before finalizing your destination.

1. Tourist Season

2. Connectivity from your place

3. Travel time

4. Stay

5. Safety

Set a budget:

Once you have finalized your destination, next you have to set a budget for your whole trip.

Follow the below steps to finalize your budget:

1. Calculate travel charges, to and from your destination.

2. Set an estimate on your Food and stay expenditure by doing some research online with the help of other traveler's reviews

3. Search for local travel options like cheap car/bike rentals. Add the estimation to your budget

4. Check for other travel expenditures like entry fees, camera charges, cloakroom charges, etc. and add it to your estimated budget.

Step 2: Confirm your booking in advance

Keeping your budget in mind, confirm the following bookings in advance:

1. Travel booking:

Book flight/bus/train tickets for both going and return journey. It is suggested to book refundable tickets to keep some room for any last moment change of plans.

2. Accommodation:

Select your hotel(s) and book your room(s) in advance. Do not forget to discuss the refund policy in case of any last moment changes. If you are using any third party for your hotel booking, go through their terms and condition before making advance payments.

3. Local Transportation

Most of the hotels provide their own cab services. If not, you may ask the hotel receptionists for the nearby rental services. It is better to finalize your local travel before you reach your travel destination. As usually during the tourist season, most of the rental services get fully booked. This saves your effort and time.

Step 3: Prepare a to-do list for tour /activities

Go through the official tourism website of that place and finalize the spots that you will be covering in the duration of your visit.

Step 4: Pack Intelligently

Start packing at least 2-3 days before the journey. This practice will let you be stress-free on the day of travel.

Here are some quick tips for smart packing:

1. Pack light-weight clothes. Instead of packing jackets or jeans, pack micro-fleece pullover or track pants with a lighter fabric.

2. Do not pack wrinkled clothes. It is a fact that un-ironed clothes take more space as compared to nice crisp ironed clothes.

3. Wear your heavy jackets and good boots/shoes, so as to save some room in your backpack.

4. Never forget to pack a small First Aid kit.

5. Do not pack too many toiletries. You can always use the hotel freebies, or buy them on your arrival.

6. Leave a little space in your luggage for souvenirs.

Step 5: Double-check all the important reservations and documents in a week advance

Double-check, even triple check below checklist to be sure:

1.Hotel/Local transportation booking confirmation

2. Plane/Train/Bus ticket

3.Passports(if traveling Abroad)

4.Visa(if traveling Abroad)

5.Personal IDs

6. First Aid Kit and important medications

7.Entertainment kit


9.Finances(money and cards)

10. All of your luggage

Hope the article was helpful.If you are having some other planning cheats and tricks please do share them in the comment section below.

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