Budget friendly travel ! Yes It's Possible!


Budget travel tips for everyone. Happy travelling days ahead :)
Budget travel doesn't always mean saving money, instead it also means travelling in the smartest and easiest way possible. If you really wish to do a budget travel proper planning is a must. With proper planning one can reduce his or her expenses on accommodation, flight tickets, sight seeing and refreshments. Friends it's not at all a rocket science and by following these simple tips you can burst out the myth "Travel is Expensive". 

"If you have a clear idea about where and when you are going, don't just wait to start planning"

1) Tips on Luggage and Packing 

a) Buy suitable travel gear based on ones height. b) Check in advance the cabin size and luggage rules of various airlines to avoid additional charges after reaching airport.  c) Prepare a check list well in advance and make sure everything as per the list packed.  d) Always pack light and smart. Travel necessities are less expensive and often available at home but pricey and time consuming when on the road. e) Google this link www.tripoto.com/trip/essential-travel-tips-from-a-backpacker-s-secret-diary...  and it will give you tips on how best you can plan your journey and also helps you in preparing check list. 

2) Tips on budget accommodation

a) Avoid bookings during festival season or holidays or peak season.  b) If you are travelling to experience local festivals check for home stays and compare the prices with hotels or hostels.  c) Look for hostels and B&B (Bed and Breakfast which is a basic type of accommodation for a short stay) which are best suited for youth and backpackers instead of hotels or resorts. d) Try to book early at least one or two months before your journey.  e) Book accommodation online. Online rates are less expensive than what you would be quoted at the front desk. f) Compare prices of different websites and also make use of promotional campaigns and credit card cash backs.  d) Do group booking if possible and share cost.  f) Chose option with complimentary breakfast if there is no big variation with the rate of just room only.  g) Many hostels n B&B have room sharing facility. Rates will be cheaper n you have the advantage of meeting new people n making friends. 
Log in to trip advisor and search accommodation options in your destination by giving dates. It will list out partnering websites and their quote. U can compare the prices and go to the link and book. One can also check hostelworld.com or booking.com for detailed options.

3) Tips on Flight Booking

The most important thing is instead of mobile apps use Google Crome Or Safari or Firefox browser to book flight ticket that too in "Incognito" mode. Based on the cookies in your browser, flight prices may increase if u search a particular route repeatedly. U will get a pop up often saying book before the prices go up further. It's purely a trick. So always browse incognito while booking tickets. 
a) Of course there is a "Good Day" to buy cheaper flight tickets. Watch out. b) Book your tickets at least three months before you fly.  c) Follow "Tuesday" magic. Most of the time tickets will be cheaper on Tuesday. d) Avoid booking tickets on Friday, Sunday and previous day of a Holiday.  e) While booking opt for monthly calendar view which will display rates to your destination on a monthly basis with rates of all days of the month. U can find which date or day the cheapest fare is.  f) Redeem rewards points for tickets or use Air miles.  g) Instead of one way Look for round-trip flight offers. h) Instead of choosing your destination Airport look for the nearest Airport. Often destination airport prices will be higher than the nearest one. (For example To Goa you can chose Mumbai and can catch an overnight train or bus)  I) Think twice before going to a travel agent.
If your mode of travel is train, book in advance to avoid tatkal charges. If you are comfortable u can travel in Sleeper Class which will be budget friendly. 
If your mode of travel is Bus, choose state run buses over the private ones. Now a days most of the state run buses introduced comfortable coaches in long distance routes and often u can find Semi Sleeper or Sleeper Volvo or Scania buses. Their rates will always be less and reasonable. They also won't inflate the rates during festival seasons or holidays. 

4) Tips on Sightseeing 

a) Make the most out of public transport. Most of the places will be well connected by local bus or shared autos or taxis. Travelling with locals will help you in getting lot of useful information about the place. b) Travel in group if possible and share cost.  c) Check and ensure if your hotel have free pick n drop facility.  d) Don't entrust hotel people to book cab instead go out meet the drivers talk to them fix the places you want to see and bargain for a better rate.  e) Walk if the destinations are nearby. f) Start early and try to reach early.  g) If you are up for shopping at your destination, Polish your bargaining skills. h) If you are riding, always remember to carry extra fuel especially in remote areas. 

4) Tips on Meals and Refreshments 

a) Take full advantage of complimentary hotel breakfast or dinner.  b) Avoid hotel breakfast unless it's complimentary, instead step out and look around. c) Avoid touristy restaurants with multilingual menu.  d) Follow locals and check where they eat. It often turns out to be less expensive at the same time offers quality food.  e) Eat like local and check for restaurants favoured by locals. f) Pack your day pack with light snacks, dry fruits, fresh fruits etc  g) Fill and Carry a water bottle. Remember often the price you are paying for water bottle in a week can get u one night extra accommodation.  h) If you are not sure about it don't eat. I) In case if you fall sick, don't treat yourself meet the doc at the earliest and have proper medicine. Do take proper rest too.

Always remember there is no well written book or article on how to travel. The more you  travel the more you will learn and experience and then you will practice and implement. That's how it goes. 
The above tips and informations I gathered out of my travel experience and reading various blogs and books.It's neither perfect nor complete but it can surely make a difference in your budget. 

Happy and safe travel folks :) Do let me know your valuable suggestions and feedbacks so that I can educate myself and improve.
Celebrate the joy of life :)