7 Reasons why you should travel more and far

Photo of 7 Reasons why you should travel more and far by Surya
Photo of 7 Reasons why you should travel more and far by Surya
Travelling is not everyone's cup of cake. But yes it is an addiction that grabs you slowly with time. Here are seven best reasons to encounter the "Why I should travel" part within you.

1. You become independent-
When you start travelling on your own, You start to grow. You understand there is not only this way of living but many other ways to live, to learn and to grow. And you want to be independent, win or lose but on your own terms.
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2. You become saviour of money-
Money is the backbone of today's living and ugly truth is you can't even get water to drink without money. While travelling you best learn how to make best out of your money, when to hold it tight and when to spend it right.
"Travelling does needs money, but it is all about courage to travel."
If you are a dependent youngster, then you start value what you have and what your parents are doing for you. You stop craving for more because you have seen people living in worse.
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3. You become courageous-
Courage is not being ready to fight neither to hold a sword in hand and chopping heads down, it is the decision to place your dreams above your fears. Travelling makes you courageous and it also give you wings to follow your dreams. You loses fear of losing and start living.
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4. Sense of judging develops-
In your journey you have met many people. Some good some bad. Some helped you and some mislead you. This is what put you on a better side than others because you learn to recognise people not on behalf of their appearance rather than what they are internally. Believe me only travelling can develop that trait in you.

5. You learn that smiling doesn't cost money-
Yes, that's true. Change of place brings a positive vibe on your inner self that reflects on outer you. Slowly you learn that situations may go wrong and plans may fail but the weapon of smile on your face should never fade because it is what keeps you standing against the odds.
*Specially if you are a person who never appreciate anything and catches faults everywhere then travel is a must have for you.

6. You become a real MAN-
You learn to live in the hard conditions and harsh weather and try to fit in your pockets. This is what makes you a real MAN. You start to living the present moment let past be past and future be future.
Photo of 7 Reasons why you should travel more and far 4/4 by Surya
7. Great experiences comes your way-
While travelling you meet thousands of new people, making new friends through your way, tasting the flavours of places, living the new cultures, seeing the other side of the world and you end up with a bucket full of experiences, a diary full of stories, a world full of friends and a heart full of joy because you have seen the real world.

If these reasons were enough to inspire the traveller within you then lift up your backpack and head for a beautiful journey.

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hi, Mr. Ibn Batuta Firstly, I like your second name. :P It was really nice &enlightening to read your writing. Would like to add, that, i really liked the words you framed at last, "when you hold it tight, when you spend it right". It says a lot. :)
Thu 03 17 16, 09:22 · Reply (1) · Report
Thank you so much Meghana ji for taking time to read. And I also like my second name :p Share it in your circle and keep reading and keep travelling.
Thu 03 17 16, 12:04 · Report