8 Places with most amazing views in India

12th Oct 2018
Photo of 8 Places with most amazing views in India by shalbha sarda

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

If this sounds like a plan, these adrenaline-pumping destinations are for people who seek beyond mundane. An odyssey of vast oceans, high mountains, and arid lands, these are the places where nature is intriguingly untamed and raw with all its might and splendor.


One of the most extraordinary places to visit in Sikkim is Gurudongmar lake. The second highest lake in India has situated 190 km from Gangtok near Indo- China border at an altitude of 5450m. The best season to visit is from November to June. The journey begins with a night halt at the town of Lachen for acclimatization. The remaining 40km drive is on a treacherous road devoid of vegetation and civilization. Semi-frozen turquoise lake is enveloped by azure skies and iced peaks. The fluttering red prayer flags and a temple nearby reminds that the lake is reverential with many anecdotes associated with it.

Pangong lake

The most exciting part of the Leh package itinerary is the Pangong lake. This endorheic saline lake lies at an altitude of 4350 m at the Indo- China border. The lakeshores are open from the months of May to September. The 220 km drive from Leh to Pangong crosses the Chang la Paas and leads to this rugged remote hinterland of grey mountains spotless blue sky and a lake which changes into various shades of blue with the passing hours of the day.

Chidiya Tapu

Be it a birdwatcher, photographer, adventurist or a couple seeking a romantic Andaman vacation, Chidiya Tapu caters to all. Located 20 km away from the city of Port Blair from where a guided tour can be arranged to visit the island. The best season to visit is from August to February. The island is home to numerous species of birds, offers some great water sports, beautiful trek, pristine beaches, and a gorgeous sunset.

The valley of flowers

It lies placidly between the Zanskar and Himalayan ranges in Uttrakhand at an altitude of 3650m. Unexplored till 1930 the valley served as a century to hermits and yogis. This eponymous region is rich in biodiversity with rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The best time to visit the valley is from July till September when the flowers are in full bloom. The arduous 35 km trek to the valley starts from Govindghat. Ghanagriya is the last village 4 km before the valley where one has to trek back the same day as no one is allowed to stay in the valley past sunset.

Ziro valley

This exotic hill hamlet is a world heritage site and the home to Atapani tribe. Nuzzled in the lower Subansisri district in Arunachal Pradesh it lies at an altitude of 1700m. The nearest railhead is at North Lakhimpur from where the remaining 200 km can be commuted via taxi or a bus. The climate here is mild throughout the year but the month of September hosts a 4-day Ziro Festival with performances in dance and music. The valley is a solace seeker's and photographers paradise, full of paddy fields, fish farms, bamboo forests, pine tree trails, and friendly locals. Some of the popular attractions are Talley Wildlife Sanctuary, trek to Kile Pakho and Meghna Cave temple.

Thar desert

The expanse of the great Indian desert is over the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujrat covering 220000 sq. km, straddling Pakistan at one end and Rann Of Kutch at the other. This massive sprawl of colorless arid land is dominated with sand-dunes, dust storms and camels moving across, beckoning tales from Arabian Nights. October to February is the ideal months for visiting the Thar. Camping, parasailing and Camel safari for sunset are some of the popular activities here.

Patalpani waterfall

The Patalpani Waterfall is an hour drive from the city of Indore near the town of Mhou, Madhya Pradesh. Accessible through road, train or trek this 90 m high waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests and hills. The best time to visit the fall is post monsoon during the months July and August when the fall is magnanimous with the highest volume of water. Caution must be exercised as the area becomes slippery and accident prone during rains.


A hill town nestled in the Pir panjaal mountains in the state of Jammu And Kashmir is 56 km away from the capital city of Srinagar. The road to Gulmarg winds through forests of pine, fir and apple orchards. At an altitude of 2650 m, it is known as the “heartland of winter sports”. It could be visited all year round but months from December to March are appropriate for sports like skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing, carried out on the slopes of Mount Apharwat. An annual three-day Winter Festival is held in the month March where artists in the fields of music, films, and photography showcase their talent.

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