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Pangong Tso

Tushar Morchale
The first view of Frozen Pangong  lake in morning from our Homestay was mesmerizing.
Kousik Mukherjee
PANGONG LAKESmall video on Journey to Pangong Lake,Ladakh,India and beauty of Pangong Lake in just 4 minutes. Spend just 4 minutes to explore this heaven on earth.
We started early morning at 6 am because not only we wanted to reach early but the condition of weather and blockade can be unpredictable on these mountain passes. In fact we soon witnessed the wizardry of weather when it started to drizzle at the ascent to Changla Pass, which soon it turned into hailstorm while going further up and on top there was complete white out due to snow fall. But the weather was so erratic that it soon cleared up to perfect sunny day in few minutes. Though our budget had shot up but the feel of journey in commodious big van with 2 of us and a driver was ecstatic. The added perk was to know about the local life and Buddhist religion from our ladakhi driver. In fact these driver also act as carrier to nomadic people, living in vast area away from town civilization. They exchange their local produce like yak milk, butter,wools for the city good these tribes need, like boxes, packets, tools etc. We had an opportunity to visit one such settlement. It was a tent perched on foot hill in front of which lay vast grassland for their yak and cattle’s to graze. An old Ladakhi lady in her traditional attire, grinning wide, greeted us and offered butter tea of Yak milk. Our driver took some of butter in exchange to bring some tins, tapes etc for her from the city. Teja gave her some UK toffee that he had as a gift. It’s amusing how this barter trade maintains the link between the city and these remotely settled tribes, spared from the modern poverty.The far-flung Pangong lake with its transitional water color, vast brown mountain in back drop and waves panting on its shore: a sight to behold. Our driver helped in arranging a homestay near the temporary settlement of Spangmik.
Anand Sarswat
As we were visited in the 1st week of October so that was not the right time to visit the Nubra valley so we have to change our plan but if you will visit there in may to July than make a 3 days plan, start in morning and reach to Nubra valley and then spend night there in guesthouse and enjoy you next day morning there and again go directly to pangong lake from Nubra no need to come back to Leh. It will take whole day to reach the pangong lake and visit evening and morning there and came back to Leh in 3rd day .Now what we have done is that we had only option left is to visit the pangong lake. And it was October so we can't use the bike due to heavy snowfall places near changla pass. We booked travel there. It cost us arround ₹19000. Price of these are fixed from union so you will get the same prices from different travelers. I love that thing no monopoly and same price. "Don't forgot to carry an oxygen cylinder with you" at pangong there is lack of oxygen so you must require an oxygen cylinder. Distance between Leh and pangong lake is arround 120km and it will take whole day to reach there and you will get exhausted after reaching there.Book a tent there and if you have your tent and sleeping bag than you can use it as well. When we were there in October temperature at night was arround -15°C and you can hear the sound of air.If you love bonfire than carry the bundle of wood along yourself because it is cold desert there and you won't find a single  piece of wood there.
Pangong lake in Ladakh is one of the most popular lake in India. The beauty of this lake is sight to behold.More than half of the lake is situated in China and the rest of the part is located in India. The water is crystal clear and is so clear you can see the down-bed.You have to cross the epic changla pass to reach this epic blue lake of water.The lake became so popular after the movie 3 Idiots.One of the most beautiful place in the world not just India.