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Pangong Tso

2. '3 Idiots': can’t resist to travel Ladakh
Rohini Majumdar
On the fifth day of our tour we started off for Pangong lake popularly known as Pangong Tso in Tibetan language. The special feature of this lake is its’ changing colour pattern with the movement of the sun. The drive to the lake will be through rough and bumpy Changla Pass which is considered as 3rd highest motor able road of the world. However the first glimpse of pristine blue water will make you forget every hardship that you faced in your bumpy journey to this lake. This lake is shared by both India and China. It bears immense strategic importance for India in terms of border security and Indian Army has to always maintain a strict vigil around this area. Therefore the extent of remoteness of the area can easily be understood. We reached Pangong at around 4 P.M. and stayed overnight in a deluxe camp by the side of the lake. It was a night to cherish forever as we can spot every billion of stars in the sky .Sitting under this vast sky illuminated with the twinkling stars and the gusty wind blowing all over the lake will make you always feel that you are just on top of the world.
Muthu Venkatesh
The next morning we left to Pangong lake through Shyok valley. The initial plan was to go back to Leh via Khardung la and visit Pangong lake the next day from Leh through Chang la pass. But a fellow traveler we met in Hunder suggested that there is an alternate route to Pangong lake via Shyok river valley that will bypass Kardung la pass, Leh and Chang la pass and will meet the Leh – Pangong route at Durbuk, some 30 miles before the lake. We felt this would be a good idea as it will save us ample time and also the avoid the risk of crossing Khardung la pass again. For nearly half of the journey the road runs along the Shyok river bed which makes it not possible to drive through in summer as it gets flooded sometimes. We reached Pangong lake a little past noon and it was quite a site, to see the entire lake frozen. Despite being in controversial border line between India and China, I felt glad it is still open for tourist. During summer, there are also options for staying there besides the lake in one of several tourist camps set there. After a couple of hours trying to ice skate (with our normal shoes :P) on the lake, we left to Leh via Chang la passShyok River Valley
The sparkling blue Pangong Tso lake is 134 km long and extends from India to China. It got pretty famous because of the movie 3 idiots. After traveling whole day on the road we were delighted to reach this place. The crystal clear water with hills in the background gives a sight of a beautiful landscape. A unique feature of the lake is that it does not remain blue it changes its colours from dark blue to light blue to green and grey.The place was coldest. One needs to wear multiple layers of clothes. You can camped away in the night to see the milkyway.
Aasish Sudarsanan
Blue princess19th September 2017-
Vasanthi Nagaraj
Well,to Leh or not is not even a question. Be it any season of the year
Dhwanil G. Savla
Day 7 – 24-07-2017 Leh -> Tso PangongWe left for Pangong lake on Monday . ON the way we visited a monastery in leh. Due to time constraint, we missed out with couple of places including Panamik. Roadways, its neighborhood is wonderful. To reach Nubra, Khardung La is the major one ( highest motorable road across the Globe ) while to reach Pangong / Manali, Chang La is another one ( Second Highest across the Globe 17,590 Ft ) .Though Chang La is the second highest, weather and location is quite nasty as compared to the Highest one. Observed a landslide already occurred just before pangong. So had to take off-road for 5-10 kms.Reached pangong quite before sunset. Clicked many pictures.Checked in tents. Fun-Time post dinner.
Pavel Ray
We left the beautiful Pangong Lake after breakfast (aloo paratha and aachar) around 9 am and started towards Leh. The road was beautiful till we could see the Pangong lake, after that it was boring. We reached Leh by afternoon. As we reached early we went to Leh War Memorial and Santi Stupa which we missed on our 1st day Leh sight seen trip then went back to The Ladakh Residency hotel which we booked for our next two Leh night stays.
We started early in the morning as there was about 10 hours of total travel this day. We had to return to Leh on the same day and it is strongly recommended that you reach before sunset. The distance from Leh to Pangong is around 155 kms and the roads are not good. So be prepared for a bumpy ride.While on our way to Pangong, we took a halt at Changla Pass which is the second highest pass.We reached Pangong at around 12:30 PM. The view of the lake is beautiful and the journey till Pangaon was mesmerizing. We had our lunch and spend some peaceful time at the lake. You can talk a walk by the lake and enjoy the beauty.There was a feeling that we are out of this world and probably this is a different planet we have come to visit. The nature is untouched that it felt new and refreshing. I felt as if I am a part of a beautiful painting.Day 4:
Swati Pandey
Day 2 : Visited Pangong
Vishant Goel
PANGONG TSOThe morning of Pangong with all its freshness and serenity had mesmerized me so that I had forgotten about trivial things like time while sitting on the banks of 4400m high fresh water lake. I now realized that clock had already stuck 8. My friends had woken up and were photographing the stunning scenery framed by the blue lake and hills behind it. I finally made up my mind to leave the warmth of my quilt and embrace the chilly air outside the camp. My shoes were still wet after riding through the water crossings, the day before. My bare feet were going numb just as the shining blue water, engulfed by the hills, dazzled my eyes. The whole setting looked like from a Peter Jackson movie. The lake, already having featured in several Bollywood flicks, has become the predominant tourist destination in the Leh circuit. Even the camps were named after the movies like “3 idiots” and “Jab tak hai jaan”. Located on Indo-China border, the lake runs 45 Kms in India and 55 kms in China. As I walked beside the lake, an army helicopter took off from the nearest army base and started circling over it. The mercury crept up to 5-6 degrees after sunrise, having stayed sub-zero during the night. I tightened the scarf around my neck as I started to think about the day we rolled on to our journey.
Aditi Chaudhary
The first glimpse of Pangong Lake sends you in a complete euphoria. It was almost 3 pm in the afternoon when we reached the famous high grassland lake. It was exceptionally windy; hence make sure to carry a cap, scarf and glares to protect you from all the sand flying into your eyes and hair. We were honestly too tired to explore the lake. Our driver forced us to spend some time by the lake in scorching heat to avoid a trip in the evening. We were quite upset with him because of that. Disha was feeling miserable because of the heat stroke and we wanted to reach the camp asap.The crowd at the so called 3 idiot point was very rowdy and if you wish to take a photo with the yak you need to spend Inr 20 and with the 3-idiot seat – Inr 50 per seat.
Pavel Ray
We started for Pangong around 9am . The road to Pangong was so bad and there was not any beautiful view as compared to Nubra Valley road. We reached pangong by 4 pm and checked in hotel near to lake. Our driver sagar managed rooms for us @ Rs 1400 each including dinner and breakfast. We didn't waste any time as the sun was setting, we rushed to the lake. It was so blue that we could not belief our own eyes! To took many pictures and enjoy as much as we could.
Ramneek Sahib
Day 7Pangong Lake – LehIt was the time to hit back to Leh. So started early around 8 am. Before reaching Leh, you can make a visit to Thiksey monestry which is 18kms before Leh and get yourself immersed into the world of Buddhism.
Archana Ramesh
18th: All of us got ready and a traveler van was waiting for us outside the hotel. This was an excursion day to Pangong lake.. this gave a day's break for the riders as well! Pangong Tso lake, as the 100 odd pictures on Google illustrates is more beautiful, serene and breathtaking than those in the pictures. It also depends on the time and climate you visit the lake, as the lake is an absolute reflection of the sky. Sometimes its blue, sometimes green and sometimes colorless. It was Rakshabandhan and one of us had Rakhi tied on to her brother's hand who was also in our trip. Hundreds of pictures again and then it started raining. What looked as a colorless lake till then turned out to be absolute blue. We were lucky enough to witness the change! We then rode back through the place where 3 idiots was shot and through various Indian Army camps.
Prachi Jain
Finally it was time to visit the most awaited part of the Trip. The mesmerizing Pangong Tso lake. So we embarked on this fantastic and magical journey through the Himalayas, passing the Changla Pass-second highest pass, meeting the freindly beavers to the shores of Pangong Tso in Ladakh-India's largest high altitude lake.Just before we got to Pangong Lake, our driver suddenly pointed to an opening between two mountains with a view of crystal clear blue water. We stared at it before being told that its the first glimpse of the lake. All the pain and tiredness of the journey was gone in the blink of that moment. The lake is spread over an area of more than 100 Kms with one-third in India and the remaining two-third in China.When we finally reached the lake, we were just overwhelmed by the view of Lake. We had booked the Nomad Camp and the location of the camp was just perfect with the breathtaking view of Pangong Tso. The sunsrise at the lake is worth giving up that sleep for expereincing the tranquility, crystal clear water and picturesque landscape. After checking out we had spent an hour at the lake. The beauty of the lake is heavenly and displayed in multiple hues ranging from shades of blue,green and turqouise at the different time of the day. The sunrise, daytime and sunset would just give you different hues to cherish for lifetime. On the opposite side of the lake, the Himalayas provides for a breathtaking view and the place is definitely a photographer’s delight.
Anita Singh
Anita Singh
Next morning we wake up early to witness the sunrise. It was very energizing and positive feeling to have such a wonderful morning. After having morning breakfast we headed back to Leh city from Pangong Lake. We started in morning 10 am and reached Leh by 4 pm in evening. we also visited Thisky Monastery. After that we headed back to our guest house.
Anita Singh
On Day 2 we headed towards Pangong Lake through changLa pass. It took almost 6 hours to reach Pangong Lake. We had over night stay at Pangong lake in tent. You can easily get tent or wooden cottage at reasonable price which include overnight stay, dinner and breakfast. It was quite cold in Pangong lake and temperature was 4-5 degree Celsius at night. The night sky from Pangong lake is mesmerizing you can see milky way clearly from Pangong lake which is very beautiful to experience. we had bonfire and dance after having dinner. It was very calm and peaceful feeling to hear the waves of lake in the night.
Priya Parashar
We reached Pangong Lake around 3:00 PM. Jigmet Bhaiya took us towards the off-beat side of the lake (away from the cafeterias and tourist) and we were greatful to him. There were very less tourists this side. As soon as we were out of the car, we went click-crazy. We had imagined ourselves here long before. The downside was that it the weather was becoming cold with each passing moment. We wore our jackets and then took a leisure walk along the lake. Words are not enough to describe the amount of awesomeness of this place. The place looked like straight out of a fairy tale novel. No matter how much you read about this place, you have to witness the beauty yourself. It’s an experience in itself. The lake was changing colors (the lighting effect).We checked into our camp (Pangong Delight Camps) before it got dark. Our camp was bit far from the lake but still we had a front facing camp so we were happy. (Tip: Choose a camp which is nearer to lake and do stay overnight). No point rushing.
Anjali Chawla
Day 5: Leh – Karu – Sakti – Chang La – Durbuk – Tangste – Lukung – Spangmik - Pangong TsoEnjoyed the snowball fight ( why should kids have all the fun?) at the mighty Chang La Pass. Don't stay here for more than 10 minutes as low-level oxygen can make you feel sick.
mamta upreti
At early morning around 6 AM, we all woke up and ready for visiting Tso Pangong Lake but before that I went near camp for petrol and there was an old man, who sold it. So I went to him bought around 3 litre petrol, as per our mutual discussion it would be enough for reaching Leh.It was amazing view when I saw first time, that feeling I cannot explain in words. I felt like I was in heaven I do not know how heaven look like but somewhere when you see. It was the most beautiful experience of my life up to now.It situated at a height of about 13,900 ft, the name Tso Pangong is a derivative of the Tibetan word Banggong Co meaning “long, narrow, enchanted lake”. One third of the lake is in India while the remaining two thirds lies in Tibet, which is controlled by China. Majority of the streams which fill the lake are located on the Tibetan side. Though it’s a saline water lake, it freezes completely during winters.It’s a picturesque and serene place. While the movie 3 Idiots,Fukrey brought more popularity to Tso Pangong Lake, it has featured in several other movies too.After that we moved for Leh and on the mid way, saw a monastery and went there and talked to lambs living there and he gave me chocolates as a parsad. After that in mid way before Chang la our bike was facing some problem so we decided to stop there and checked out the fault actually it was not picking speed and we thought our bike was puncher as air in Tyre seems to be less. We had a tool kit so tried to fill air in tyre but it’s not working well. We decided to asked for help on road from bikers passing by then a group cross there and we told them our problem, one person out of them was expert in bike repairing so he checked it told us , found out that tyre is not puncture but acute of air. Actually after using our tool kit air pump its tyre air was leaked as our air pump was faulty then they used their air pump and filled air again in tyre. Then we joined there group and ride along them for some far while on the way for Leh. I was very happy when we met our friends whose bike was brooked last day they were going to Tso Pangong that day. We got our bike registration certificate paper from them and shared our last day experience. After that our journey again started and around 5 PM we reached Leh.It’s beautiful city. We watched Indian army base station on Leh-manali highway, Indian air force station there. After that in between watched Leh palace which was made by king of Leh, and then reached main market of Leh and searched guest house or hotels for stay.After half hour searched we found a guest house. It’s name was TONGSPON. We were already late for visiting local Leh city points to visit so decided to take some rest and shower which is very well required after tiring journey. We were feeling very hungry and waiting for good food. After 1.30 hour we were ready for our next trip around main market which is near to our guest house. First thing came our mind only and only about food, we were too much hungry that time so searched best Ladakhi food in leh.In between we stopped our bike in corner side of road and saw a CHOSKOR TOURS & TRAVELS shop front of us. We went inside the shop and met its owner, his name was Bashier. We sat their around 2 hour talked about our 2 days plan, because we had already spend 4 days till yet .So we told him about our whole trip and what places we covered till yet now we had left only 2 days so we were confused where should go or not? After that he suggested us ,next day tour plan you would covered leh and outer places near to Leh. We went to lamayururestaurant for dinner,it very famous and well known for his food. After that we enjoyed ambience there. All were foreigner and at same place all were together. So now time to sleep, so we slept that time.
Dipannita Sarkar
But reaching spangmik was like refilling your tank. The beauty of the landscape with vivid colors is what makes one believe heaven is here itself. We stayed in a homestay 0.5 km away from the lake. A cosy small house. The cost was 600 per person (dinner + bkfst). The contact can be obtained from our guide come chauffer Sonam ji.
Nikhil Aggarwal
Talking of landscapes, places like Leh and Nainital offer great amount of water resources. Landscapes are sure to be amazing ! During the sunset and sunrise, the first and last rays of sun on the icy mountains looks as if gold plated. The camera captures everything just so good. There's a lot to experiment. During your journey to mountains you will across to a number of rivers and bridges, some big and strong while others dried. Its the rarity of human settlement that makes it so beautiful. Any place that offers minimal civilization expands the possibilties of capturing your frame even better.
Devansh Kamboj
The pangong lake was just too beautiful to the eyes, its the most clean lake I have ever seen with 4 different colors, due to high tourists visitors after the movie 3 idiots , people have started polluting the lake but the authorities do their best to avoid this. We stayed there for one day and left for Karzok Tso moriri.