A solo trip to London, Edinburgh & Isle of Skye (Scotland) ! Is it expensive ?

5th Jul 2019

Don't be scared to walk alone - A solo trip to England and Scotland. 

Photo of A solo trip to London, Edinburgh & Isle of Skye (Scotland) ! Is it expensive ? by Mayank Singhal
Day 1

I stayed in Safestay Holland Park 4-star dorm hotel in INR 1.5k per night (for 2 nights) & spent my entire day roaming around Camden town & Oxford street

Day 2

I started my day with Covent garden and after that i went to London bridge and finished the day with beautiful Notting hill

London assumed to be a most expensive city to travel & stay in the world. That doesn't mean you cannot travel. How much does it cost a solo traveler, check it out

As a 27 year old solo traveler, i do proper internet research before planning & selecting a destination. Therefore after spending 3 days, i booked DEL to LGW in 35k return ticket 3 months in advance.

Sky-scanner always help you find the cheapest of the cheap flights

So here is the full itinerary of what i did, how i did and what did it cost -

Day 1

Best part about London is to travel anywhere you want with their extensive rail network that can be used through any international credit card, there is no need to buy any special card or ticket from place A to B. Also i would recommend to download an application name "City Mapper" it will help you reach anywhere in England from any location.

Though train tickets are not so cheap however a maximum of 10 pounds would be charged after 4-5 train journeys post which you can travel as much as you want with no additional cost.

Must try street food like hot dogs, fruits, cheese nuts & ice cream

If you like brand & want to buy cheap clothing then this market is heaven for you

Day 2

That was the last day in London hence i decided to cover maximum places that i could.

If you want to buy some gifts, souvenirs or want to have some street music with nice crowd around, you should definitely try Covent garden.

Notting hill is the most peaceful & beautiful place in London (this is called Instagram town - it gives you so many beautiful & colorful pictures)

Day 3

I took a flight from LCY to EDI (this return ticket would cost you around INR 6k if you book it a month advance)

I landed in Edinburgh around 11am in the morning. A city cannot be more beautiful. Also it comes under top 3 beautiful cities to live in.

I stayed via Airbnb in sighthill that costed around INR 1.8k one night, that was little far from the main city however everything is worth visiting in Edinburgh. Buses are the main way of commuting within the city & amazingly it will only cost you 4.5 pounds to travel entire day & anywhere in Edinburgh (a single day ticket)

Also download app "Moovit" to know your routes and real time transport (works awesome in Scotland)

I went to Princess Street, Royal Mile & Arthur Seat

Day 3
Day 4

Arthur seat is the highest peak in edin & it is an ancient volcano. It gives you immense pleasure to reach on the top & have a view of entire city in the evening.

Day 4

This was expected to be a life turner day for me as i was visiting Isle of Skye, a heavenly place on earth.

There are so many options to travel from Edinburgh to Isle of skye through train, rented car, bus & tour packages. I found a cheapest way to travel through Isle of Skye, that is City Link Bus Pass - cost is 50 pound and you can travel any 3 days out of 5 days using it, otherwise it is an expensive deal.

I took a bus from Edinburgh to Potree in the morning, that took around 7 hours to reach final destination. The bus journey was the most beautiful moments in my life - it makes you feel like travelling through a fairy-land (if you ever travel to isle of skye - always take a bus journey)

Potree is a small & beautiful city on an island, everything get closed down by 5pm except restaurant & cafes (even bus transport)

I stayed in an airbnb hostel in INR 8k for 2 nights. Since potree is quite small & it mostly stays full therefore always book in advance if not then there is a facebook group name "Skye Rooms" you just simply post your requirement and somebody will help you (it worked for me all the time)

View from the room in Potree , Isle of Skye on Day4

I explored entire potree on Day 4

Must visit cafe Arriba - nice place, great ambiance & food

Day 5

Since public transport is quite limited in isle of skye therefore you left with very limited options to commute. First is rented car, which is hard to find in potree unless you take it in Edinburgh itself. Second is public transport but it doesn't connect with the tourist points or hidden places so well. Last one is tour packages that take you through most of the places & give you enough time to explore the place with amazing commentary with group of travelers

So i took 40 pound tour with Sky Scenic Scotland. That starts 9 am in the morning

First place we went to "Kilt Rock"

Day 5
Day 6

Its a nice peaceful place, where ocean meet the mountain with a waterfall.

2nd - The Quiraing

The Quiraing walk is a loop, returning you to the same point covers a distance of 6.8km, with the average time to complete the walk being 2 hours (with no stops)

3rd - Fairy Pools (Most Famous)

This is a very beautiful place with swimming pool at every step. This river never ends and goes deep into mountains.

Crystal clear water & sound of water flow makes you feel like a dream. A must visit for anyone coming to this place

The complete return distance to the first main waterfall and pool is 2.4km, with the average time to complete the walk being 40 minutes (with no stops).

Day 6

I had booked my bus from Potree back to Edinburgh at 3pm but i wanted to visit one famous trek / point name "The Old Man of Storr"

Hence i wokeup in the morning around 7am and took a public bus from potree to that stop.

Trek is almost of 45-60 mins one way (with no stops). People say it is very difficult to see Old Man of storr mountains as it remains covered throughout the day in clouds.

Luckily i got to see that entire range of mountains. They were very beautiful moments.

After coming back from "Old Man Of Storr" , i took my bus to reach Edinburgh late night at 1am, post which i took a flight from Edinburgh to London city airport and then back to India

Overall Cost - 65k (35k for flights)

Food - any type of food is easily available & there are many grocery store around you always (Indian being the most expensive)

Car would cost you around 30 pound a day

If you have any questions regarding this trip or anything about Scotland, feel free to ask.

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