A Trip To Remember

27th May 2017
Day 1

Some mumbled steps sometimes lead you to beautiful destinations. Kullu trip was just like that one. I began my journey by train and went to kullu from Delhi by Uber. It was the time of May and I was quite desperate  to get the chilling ambiance of Kullu.

Just a piece of heaven on earth!

Photo of Beas, Kullu by Aliva Avilipsa

At the footstep of Kullu we paused for lunch. And there I caught live pictures I used to give love emoticons in social media.. There was a series of street hotels near the Beas river bank. You can enjoy your meal with pleasant giggling of flowing water . No doubt the water was as cold as ice but it was so tempting that I couldn't resist from  doing a river rafting.The rubber boat was floating like a leaf by the high flow of water.The clod water splashing on face was giving a chill in the spine.Still the movement was worth living. Then we headed towards Kullu and there was a tunnel just before entering to the city which acts as a diversion between Kullu and Shimla. Suddenly the scorching heat vanquished by the coolant flowing from the rock wall of the tunnel.We reached kullu by evening and ran off to a momo shop .Nothing can save you from the freezing breeze of evening if you won't hold a platter of momos in your hand. Sittu is one of the famous dishes in kullu which was stuffed with different veggies and akhrot and was steamed like momo. I bet you! the taste will stay in your mouth for a long time.

Did you say bliss?? I heard ice...

Photo of A Trip To Remember by Aliva Avilipsa

The sight scenes can be captured in cameras but the hospitality of the folks can only reside in your heart. The local people were so helpful and supportive. I distinctly remembered a sentence of an adult during a conversation while we went for a tracking to the mountain which leads to temple Bhubaneswari that,"beti tum yanha rat var ghum sakte ho .. humare log bahat sareef and sidhe hote hain." It meant their people are very generous and simple and the place is very safe .

What thrills your soul is here at Kullu..

Photo of Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India by Aliva Avilipsa
Day 3

Next day we went to the nearby famous places. Being a group of four people it became easier to afford a small vehicle .We hired a car from nearby travelling agency. Then we headed towards Manikaran temple . There I made a friend Shubham he was driving us to local places and was giving a free knowledge about the historical backgrounds of those spots. The place is famous for its hot water. Wait not hot it's boiling!! And it's true that if you will put raw rice in the water it will come out being cooked. During the  journey from kullu to Manikaran temple I saw the ice crowned mountains for the first time .Though it was far away but the feeling of getting near the snow filled my heart with warmth. We had our lunch in a Gurudwara. The food of Gurudwara was being prepared from the boiling water.It was finger licking . On our way back we headed towards the Parasar.It was the tallest mountain of kullu .

Dig harder ..snow-man is yet to be made..!!

Photo of Shree Parashar Rishi Temple & Lake, D.P.F. Parashar Dhar, Himachal Pradesh, India by Aliva Avilipsa

There is a myth that saint Parasar used to meditate there to get salvation. And there is a pond up there in which a piece of land is floating . Some local people say the piece of land stands for the land mass of the world and the the pond resembles the amount of water with respect to the land mass in the world. We were just about to arrive , from nowhere the black cloud surrounded the sky and the hail storm began . A tea shop was there to rescue us from the teeth biting cold. The returning was much more adventurious, as small landslides were taking place.

Day 4

Next day we headed towards Manali there we did para gliding and the natural beauty was just eye pleasing. Next day was the most awaited day of the journey .

You can only feed your stomach full not soul..

Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Aliva Avilipsa
Day 5

We headed towards the Rohatang Pass . Both sides of the road were covered with ice mountains. It was like those places we can only dream about. Due to the cloudy weather, it was raining slightly. The cold was at its apex with snow surrounding and mild raining. My nose had turned red and the palms had got collapsed. I dig out the fresh snow and tasted it. It was just like getting ice from the natural freezer. Then we headed towards Spiti valley. I couldn't believe my eyes when we were getting down from Rohatang Pass towards the valley. The road was guided by snow-capped mountains and little springs at some turning points. We halted at a place and set our tent . The day was exciting but the night was mesmerizing. The river was flowing by the side of our tent. The place was full of pine trees and the stars strewed firmament with moon glazing. As if the heaven had descended to the earth. The snow was illuminating because of moonlight.

No, I wasn't dreaming but was pinching myself high.I didn't blink my lids as I wanted to engulf the moments and capture the sight. The solace and bliss that prevailed my heart gonna stay with me forever. The journey will always be raw in my memory Lane.

Day 6