A weekend ride to KALSA Falls.

15th Feb 2020
Photo of A weekend ride to KALSA Falls. 1/1 by SHREYAS PATIL

After a really long productive week, it was a time to escape. To get lost amidst the enchanting beauty of nature. The best way to get far from the city lights would always be on a bike. Thoes two wheels which not only ride away the kilometers with time but also our stress and boredom.

As its said, planned trips seldom happen and to my fortunate this wasn't planned at all. Thus it happend. A normal friday night scrolling through our phones we lay on the floor, when the frustration within us provoked the traveler with us. We were eight and had four pir of wheels waiting for the throttle downstairs. Numerous google searches....tripto reviews and finally narrowed our list of destinations to this beautiful waterfalls, around 40 kms from belgaum,karnataka. This elegant beauty lies amdist the dense forest of Kanakumbi. The roads lead us till a place called DELTA RESORTS, in the chorla ghat. And the real fun begins from here. Parking our bikes, we set our feet to the adventurous treak to the falls. Not just the final destination was beautifull but this journey of treak took away our breath showcasing the beauty of nature. it is here where we lost ourselves. The burble sound of water at a distance, the cool breeze, that psithurism took all our tiredness away. Reaching down the mountains, while our feet touched the freezing cold water, we were aww struck by the beauty of waterfall. Just that veiw was worth all that miles we traveled.