Amazing Trip

1st Sep 2021
Day 1

Photo and the Story.
This photo took me at least 10-15min to capture this moment & if you have visited India gate you know very well that you can't stand beside the road berries for long time,
so, one policeman came & asked me what are you doing sitting down get up & go,
I said,
Sir, i am clicking Pictures , he replied, 'just go on the other side and click from there you can't be here and when i started walking , Policeman sir asked, by the way what are you clicking & i showed him this picture and he started calling some the policemen standing beside and he showed this photo to all of them & appreciated me for this picture and the timing & at that time i felt encouraged that what i am doing makes someone happy soo be it keep clicking .

Photo of Amazing Trip by Avinash Stallone