The honest shopkeeper of Vadodara

13th Aug 2015
Day 1

I very well remember that day. It was August fifteen. Independence Day. I and my friend was on a trip to Gujarat and in that course, we had visited Vadodara's famous Meena Bazar of Vadodara. It's quite close to the station.
We were roaming here and there seeing things, talking to people ( Gujarati's are very talkative and helping) and suddenly I stopped at a shop to buy something. I took the thing, made the payment and we left that place. After reaching a place my friend asked me if I had change on me as he needed to pay for something he had bought. I said yes to him and put my hand in my pocket to pull out the wallet, but to my surprise, It was not there. I told this to my friend and he suggested revisiting the place we were last at. We did the same. Enquired with the shopkeepers around, tried to find it out, but nothing did work and then we headed towards the police station. As we entered the police station we saw a healthy policeman sitting on a chair. I belong to a defense family and that lets me talk to the policeman without any hesitation. We explained everything to him and while looking at my face he said "Chai pani to doge na?"
"Jaroor sir". My friend replied and what he did next was enough to surprise everyone. He actually counted people in the police station, went outside, and ordered tea. We filed the complaint and while doing that policemen told us that at times the thieves take off the money and throw the wallet and cards at the nearby place being used by people for walking and if found then those people return it to the police and police to the owners.
We took a copy of the complaint and straight away went back to the hotel.
We decided to stay there and wait for another day to receive a response from the police. Well, the next day as well the police didn't call, but I got a call from an unknown number and he asked If I have lost my wallet or so?. I said yes to him. I told this to my friend as well. The man on the other end gave me his address and asked me to meet him with my ID proof.
I thought he or his family member might have found my wallet while on a walk and just to get my documents back I thought of meeting him.
The very next day. I took an auto and made a move to meet him. On my visit to the address, I was told that the man isn't available and would be there in some time. I started waiting for him and suddenly a boy said: " Manoj Bhai ya ache". He meant "Manoj Bhai is here".
I saw Manoj Bhai. He was young 30 years old man. He didn't even ask for my ID proof and handed over my wallet to me. Still expecting to receive my documents only. When I opened the wallet I got a shock. Ten thousand, nine hundred and some change was kept as it is and just my cards we're kept inside to make sure they don't get misplaced.
I straight away hugged Manoj Bhai and visited his shop too. I bought some clothes and we left.
It was Manoj Nanakani. The most honest person I have ever met.