2nd Feb 2022
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Day 1

On 27th Dec 2020, 11:00AM we started from Sunticoppa,kodagu

Actually we planned a bike trip but then one of our friends wanted to join us for the trip, and later we went by car.
The amazing and interesting part was we went by TATA NANO, I was actually not sure if we could reach the destination but the drive/journey changed my entire perception on TATA NANO.
The only catch was we should give a break every one or one and a half hours to the car to cool it down for about 20 to 30 min.

Destination - GOKARNA

The First break to cool down our NANO was in Sulia, by the time he was resting we had our lunch.

We had some crazy talks while driving down to Gokarna, topics we talked about were like childhood, girlfriends and babe’s who never looked at us..

3:30PM - Mangalore
Our boy needed a break after 2 long hours of driving, so our driver had to apply the brake in Panambur beach. It was so crowded and it looked like some fest was going on and this filled a lot of energy in us.
It was time to capture the moment and make it a memory, I mean, we started clicking pictures, one wanted to take shadow pictures, one wanted a slow motion video and so on.. We spent almost an hour on the beach and had some snacks.

I told my friend I wanted to have a beer so I asked him to stop the car near a liquor shop, but our driver Simon(friend) didn’t want to stop because he couldn't have one.

6:30PM - Maravanthe
We actually missed the sunset  but it was really really beautiful to look at colorful clouds of somewhat peach color.
We halted there for around 20 min and clicked some pictures

8:05PM - Murdeshwar
Murdeshwar is famous for the world's second tallest Shiva statue, the town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is also famous for the Murdeshwar Temple.
8:15 is the closing time, we just had 10 min to look around and come back, i think that was the quickest sightseeing we did but i would say, Murdeshwar is always the best sightseeing place than halting there.

9:45PM - Kumta
Here the sightseeing was our beloved liquor shop, and our hero NANO wanted a break and we too wanted to fuel our tummy.
We started back once again, it was almost 10:30PM and we have not even booked the room in Gokarna

11:30PM - Gokarna Check post
This was the funniest part in the whole trip, so the story is like this…..
We purchased a bottle from kumta, me and godwin(friend 2), we had a couple of pegs but our driver simon( friend 1) couldn’t because he was driving. We reached the checkpost and police looked into the car, i was sitting inside but my friends got down from the car, i didn’t wanted to get down because didn’t wanted to lose the bottle, there was a jerkin beside me, i rapped the bottle inside it so that police don't find it. Police asked Godwin to open the dickey but Godwin's reply was funny that he told, sir there is no dickey in this car, do you want me to open the bonnet and the police didn’t even react to his answer. The police came to my side and opened the car door, asked me to unload all the bags to inspect but I told him there are many which one do you want me to open. He picked one and checked a small compartment of the bag but found nothing, later he asked us to leave. I was wondering why he checked the small compartment, where we can’t even keep 90ML liquor. That's when my friend told he was not looking if we were carrying liquor, instead he was checking if we were carrying weed.

12:00 Midnight - Gokarna
Finally we reached Gokarna, Kudle beach
As soon as we reached, Simon told, will go to the beach. I was damn tired so I was not okay but couldn’t help but go.
We sat there for 30 min and i told will go back to room because i was damn tired i wanted a really bad sleep but simon told he wanted to sleep in the beach, i didn’t want him to sleep in the beach, i tried to convince him initially he was stubborn but later he came with us to the hut.

Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Day 2

28th Dec 2020, 9AM Kudle beach
There were few water adventures that we could try, me and Simon went and tried bumper first, later, Simon told us we will try kayaking.

Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. It is distinguished from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle

We pulled our canoes and the instructor asked us if we had any experience. My friends had tried rafting before but I had no experience.
My friends started to row as soon as the instructor explained all the protocols, but I was still trying to figure out how to sit on a canoe. That's when a beautiful stranger showed up and asked me if I wanted any help. I was a little embarrassed but a little happy too that a beautiful girl spoke to me.
She helped me to sit on it but I couldn't. Later she told me to take a canoe 10 mtrs away from where I was standing.
Somehow i managed to sit on the canoe and started to row, almost went upto 150 to 200 mtrs away from the shore, that's when godvin came closer and hit on my canoe, i fell down and tried to sit back but i couldn’t, after some time instructor came closer to help me out however i ended up hurting him while trying to sit back on the canoe later i requested to him to take back my canoe so that i can swim back to the shore.
Somehow i managed to reach the shore but i was exhausted to the death, i was lying on the beach,tired, the same old girl but with the different look came closer to me and checked if i was okay, i was speechless because she looked stunning, since i didn’t reply her any she just smiled and walked away

By the way, where are my friends, oh! There they are busy checking out girls.

Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu
Day 3

The Last day

I could sense the sadness on my friends’ face which showed a lot of memories which we are going to miss after leaving.
After all, we have to continue with our journey and every trip has to come to a halt.

Photo of GOKARNA DIARIES by Harshith Parappu