25th Dec 2018
Photo of ARE WE LIVING JUST TO DIE? by Travel_lastresort

From few days one question is jumping with a sense of curiosity in my mind that 'ARE WE LIVING JUST TO DIE ONE DAY?' After getting into my soul and thinking about it, I realized that the answer to my question is a big YES. The reason behind my thought was that, we will live for 80-90 years and then we will be on our death bed thinking about good and bad moments we lived in our whole life. At that point of time we will have a question that ‘Whether I have done justice to my one and only life?’. At that time we will know the answer to it but, we may not have the courage to accept the truth as your life has come to its maturity date.

So, it’s up to us to decide what shall be the answer to the above question,because you can’t lie to yourself while dying. Whether you want the answer to be YES or NO totally depends on the time and the way you are living your life. Analysing my own life, I had the courage to accept the fact that No! I am not doing justice to my life. So, what shall I do now? Shall I just let go my thoughts and live the same monotonous life? or Shall I make things happen for changing my answer to the above question?

I decided to CHANGE MY LIFE, I decided to do something that my answer changes to YES from NO. I decided to ‘DIE TO LIVE’ rather than ‘LIVE TO DIE’. 

In today’s time in morning we go to work thinking that to earn money is the real way to live a happy life, evening we come back from work relieved though tired. Yes you did the hard work and earned money, so keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself that have you earned happiness? ask yourself are you ready to die? have you done justice to your life? I asked myself and I got the answer that I have not earned happiness. 

Again a question knocked my brain and heart at the same time that ‘What can be done to earn happiness?’ Few days passed and I still didn’t get my answer. So one day I was just seeing my Instagram feed and I saw my cousin’s post of a place where she recently traveled solo. As soon as I saw the post I got my answer that to earn happiness ‘TRAVEL IS THE LAST RESORT’. 

I made up my mind that I will travel so much that my whole life journey will become a travel journey so that after 50 years of my life I will not regret the fact that my time to travel, my time to live is no more now. It got into my head like a drug and I am here writing a blog just to motivate me and maybe somehow inspire someone to Live life with no regrets waiting for you in your future. 

I was not able to resist myself as this travel thing has got into my head and trust me it’s a addiction that you will never want to get rid of.

So I thought to share my thoughts about life, about happiness and about travel.

Here comes my conclusion from my heart that Live.Be happy.Travel.Help. These four things can change your whole perception towards life. TIP: View pictures and study about different places.

It’s my personal experience and I am not telling it just for sake of telling, I actually have experienced it.