NOW is the time to travel

29th Dec 2013
Photo of NOW is the time to travel 1/1 by Biswabara Dash

When I meet someone new, the first question that I ask is, "Do you love travelling?" Followed by the next question, "What all places have you travelled to?"

Travelling is one thing about which I can talk for hours without getting tired. Why do I love travelling so much? The answer is simple: it brought a profound change in my life. It turned me into a completely different person, someone who was not afraid to go out and explore the world. That's what travelling does to you, it makes you independent and instills a sense of confidence in you. It makes you feel empowered and in control of your life. You forget everything for a moment and realize how beautiful the world around us is.

When you travel to a new place, you meet new people and get to see the world from their perspective because everyone of them has a different story to tell. We get to experience joy, happiness, thrill, euphoria, all at the same time when we travel. Every place has something mysterious and amusing to offer which can only be found if we have the courage to explore it. But we spend half of our lives waiting for that perfect time to arrive when we could pack our bags and leave. We wait for the holidays to start, we wait for our work to get finished, we wait till we graduate from college, we wait for the money to arrive. We keep waiting and waiting. But let me tell you something.

There is no perfect time to travel. The time is NOW. You want to travel and explore a new place, then GO. Why wait for the future when we can very well enjoy our present ? Pack your bags and just leave. Get out, get up and take that train to that place that you have been wanting to go since a long time, but couldn't because you have been waiting for the right moment. There is no right moment. THIS is the moment. Worried about the budget ? Go on a backpacking trip, live with the locals or at hostels, taste the street food. Travelling doesn't always have to be comfortable. We can always make up for the lost money or the lost work, but will we ever get to make up for the lost experience that travelling could have offered ? Travelling teaches you to live in the moment, rather than waste time thinking about the future. 

So those of you who are planning a trip, but don't know when to start. Then I would say that start NOW. And when you return, you will realize that it was the best decision ever taken.