12th Jan 2019

Basara is a village located in Nizamabad district of Telangana state.It is 30 Km far from Nizamabad and 240 km from Hyderabad.It is situated on the banks of the river Godavari.

Basara is famous for Gnana Saraswathi temple.Usually the place is famous for Aksharabhyasam. Usually this is a Sanskrit word which means education to his\her child by their parents on a auspicious day. This temple is also famous for Kunkumarchana.

Photo of Basara, Telangana, India by guttha shivani

We traveled to Basara by a bus from Nizamabad. We started around 6 a.m and reached by 7.30 a.m. Since we traveled by a R.T.C bus it took a bit late to reach Basara.

As we enter inside the temple we have to submit all our mobile phones in the counter,they will cost R.S 5 for one mobile. We can purchase coconuts and flowers inside the temple also. We went inside and worship the goddess Saraswathi. Most of the People paste the coins to the temple and pray the god that there desire should be fulfilled. We also have a big Saraswati statue from which water will be flowing from the goddess hands. After we Worshiped the god we had Prasadam. We completed our dharshan in 1 hr and returned back.

Photo of BASARA-GNANA SARASWATHI TEMPLE by guttha shivani

odavari is a river for welfare of the people. Godavari which is the second largest river is near to the temple where people take bath. Godavari gives us inspiration for DHARMACHARAN. Water of godavari is good for health too.It eliminates ailments related to acidity,blood and it also in free digestion.But we didn't visit the Godavari since we don't have own Vechicle as we went by a public bus.

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