Cold, Green and Wonderful Chail

Photo of Cold, Green and Wonderful Chail by Geetika Sanjeev

The second day in Shimla was a bit more warm, and our plan was to go to another place, to the top of another hill region, Chail. One place that all our friends who went to Shimla never mentioned. Don't know why but this name got into my head from the first time i googled about Shimla. It takes around two hour to reach Chail from Shimla town. We got a cab and began our journey towards Chail, In between the journey was Green valley where we got out for a while to enjoy the view. A valley packed with cedars, thick and lush green, that could refresh any mind. We met an old granny there, who sells maggi and we bought one plate from her. Maggi in Mountains, best ever combo, one plate maggi and five people, it was indeed tasty and funny. And the smile that granny gave us really filled our hearts.
The journey of two hours towards chail, those twist and turns to the top of the mountains was something that brought a lot of  nature and its heavenly beauty towards us. First we went to chail cricket ground which is the highest cricket ground in the world. To add on to our excitement it started raining when we got out there and the sun was also shining well ,making as all remember one old Malayalam folklore which says its the wedding day of fox when the rain and sun comes together. From there we went to a Siddi temple, a place so serene it was. The temple contained big beautiful idols of many Hindu gods and from there we got a chance to taste ethnic himachali food also. I could recall visiting this temple as one among the best and beautiful memories of Shimla (though every moment was beautiful). Straight from there we headed towards the Chail Palace. It acts as a grand hotel now but the Palace has still got its charm and it attracts many people towards it. We were walking through the grounds of the palace and it started raining again, moreover, to our wonder hails also began to fall, tiny little ones, for a few minutes only. It was such an unexpected moment and thus all together i could say Chail presented us not only its cold breeze, but its warm sunshine, big droplets of rain and a little bit of its hail also. Making us enjoy all its weather together in one day. May be a goodbye gift. That night we left Shimla with over poured hearts and minds full of good memories!