Delta Point- Where The Sea, River And I Found Peace.

10th Nov 2019
Photo of Delta Point- Where The Sea, River And I Found Peace. by Geethanjali S

Part 3

I had walked God-knows-how-many km that day, my legs started to hurt & I wanted to rest up for a bit even before I collapsed in the middle of nowhere. I was happy and proud that I was finally doing something on my own. My trip wasn’t complete yet which meant I had to reach home safe. This trip was everything I needed at that time. There was nobody to yell at me, I was bound to none, I was on my own the whole time, I ate when I wanted and went anywhere I wanted to go. For two days, I was living life my way, trying to conquer my fears, experiencing life in all its glory. Never did I once feel lonely on this trip. I was alone at the beach for a long time until two dogs were seen fighting or romancing at a distance. Is there anything I'm not scared of? I don't know. If the dogs had come any closer, I swear to God, I would have jumped into the water.

It was getting cooler & the silt drifting into the water every time there was a huge wave was so satisfying to watch. A few men who were fishing on the other side of the rocks noticed me but didn’t bother much. As much as I didn’t want to wait till it was pitch dark, I wanted to stay. After a good 30 minutes, I decided to make a move. Until then, I hadn’t gotten any closer to water. I didn’t want to risk losing my grip & maybe my life when I was alone, especially when I was warned. Cautiously I got closer to the bed, cupped my hands to scoop the clear water out.

As I walked away from the confluence, I picked up a stick and entertained myself with some sand writing. It’s more like a beach ritual, isn’t it? The three words that I wrote to my heart’s content were - Live, Love, & Laugh. The sun was almost ready to set, the wind brushed my face, & the beach bid me a safe goodbye. I didn’t have enough water to drink, so on my way back, I rushed to the same house to refill my water bottle. The ladies were really kind & genuine. I could feel the positivity in their actions, & I couldn’t be more grateful.

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