Destination Unknown - Wandering without destination [video]

18th Apr 2014
Photo of Destination Unknown - Wandering without destination [video] 1/1 by GoProMan

Almost 2 years back we three friends decided to go on a 'destination unknown' trip. This is one idea Canute thought of and was very fond of. That we will just get on a bus/train and go wherever it is headed with no particular destination in mind. Before we heard about goPro, we thought we will record our journey in a digital cam and hence this video!  The name 'destination unknown' is inspired by Praveen Km's amazing destination unknown ride. We wanted to do this on public transport and we were back by Sunday morning. All in all it was an awesome experience going to a place which we were not destined to and roaming around with no clear  direction of where we will end up. Hope you will enjoy this :)