Flight Attendants Reveal Travel Tricks to Make Your Journey More Enjoyable! Thank Us Later

Photo of Flight Attendants Reveal Travel Tricks to Make Your Journey More Enjoyable! Thank Us Later by Priya Pareek

Travel becomes more fun if you know tricks to make it easier and more convenient. While there is no dearth of people willing to give advice on any subject matter in this world, listening to people with firsthand experience definitely works. Among the people with best travel experience are probably flight attendants, who often spend more than 80 hours in the air a month.

Whether that makes you go wow or phew, here are some great suggestions that can make travel better and more enjoyable!

Avoid doing damage to your hearing

A flight attendant with over four years' experience revealed that flying when you have severe cold can damage your eardrums and you might lose your hearing.

Avoid being seated near a baby

If you wish to escape the shrill of an upset child, avoid sitting near the baby. How? A flight attendant revealed that you can lower your odds by choosing a seat that's located far from the partitions on board.

These partitions are where most children under one year old will be situated as these are the only places where a parent can safely secure a baby's bassinet.

Fight jet leg

A flight attendant revealed that following some simple bedtime rituals can help you have a better sleep. All you have to do is stop using electronics one hour before bedtime, have a cup of tea, and read a bit. This is said to work but if it doesn't then get up, do something else and try again.

Less is more

Yes it is at least when you are carrying luggage. The best way to travel is to pack exactly what you need and nothing more.

Save space in your suitcase

The best way to save space is to use the clothes-roll technique. All it means is that instead of folding your clothes, roll them and you will manage to save lots of space.

Get through customs in a jiffy

Paying for Global Entry will help you get through customs. It may cost a bit but is totally worth it.

Never miss out on free breakfast

If you know that you might miss the complimentary breakfast for whatever reason, you can always check with the hotel to see if there's some kind of snack they can provide before or ahead of time. This may not be enough to satiate your hunger but at least will help your growling stomach.

Get a cheaper upgrade

According to a flight attendant, some airlines offer reduced-price upgrades the day of the flight. There are even first-class seats available for upgrading sometimes, she said.

If you are in the boarding area early and pay attention to the announcement, you may hear the opportunity of last-minute upgrade purchases. While it's not the same for every airline, but it does happen.

Hope these tips and tricks will prove beneficial for you. Thank us later.

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