Happication All Around!

13th Jun 2016
Photo of Happication All Around! by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)
Photo of Happication All Around! by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)
Photo of Happication All Around! by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)

HAPPICATION : What is this all about?

Author and 'spiritual uncomplicator' as he calls himself, Paul Wilson, had coined the term happication as, "A feeling of not wanting to escape from the present."  He says, "If you're more excited for vacations than you are about your actual life, that means you are more excited about the 5 per cent of your life than the 95 per cent that you are actually living. Right now, the 98 per cent part of your life, seems either unfulfilling, stressful or disappointing."

In other words, your long term happiness depends on your day-to-day ability to find spurts of happiness. That is the point of time when we need to realize that our mind craves for such little bags of happiness which we fail to fill. Do not let that happen. Everyday life's happiness can be sub-grouped by a leisure walk with our own dog or a mate, an adventurous cycle ride, a chat with an old school friend or a cup of coffee along a bedside window.

Do the things that make you happy. Be on the move. Do what you want to do, start what you want to do, create the life you want today. This is not rehearsal people, it is your Life. Choose one or two ideas that are deeply relaxing to you, and spoil yourself! Go on a simple discovery trip within your own city/area, indulge yourself with your life, climb mountains, go trekking!

'Life is not about the 50 vacations that you take, it is the 25,00 days in between that matter the most! The journey needs to be a special one, though it permits you to quit your 9-5 monotonous job. No life is worth wasting for something that does not motivate, or rejuvenate you! Hard work is not only about the no. of hours devoted into intensive modules(books), but it is also the dedication put in whatsoever you do. Let every career or profession you choose be one of a kind, with equal strength, hard work, focus, and passion put in.

Working under pressure to fulfill people's expectations or to prove a fellow over your ego will only lead to the destruction of your own happiness. Success in a simple language means, "Justifying your work and bringing perfection to it."  Routines can be changed, life can be framed. Create a career that revolves around your lifestyle, don't let your lifestyle revolve around a career! Make life flexible, escape the chaos. Let Monday mornings excite you more than Friday nights ;)

So friends, this article (as i would like to call), is merely based on the behavior-gap that many of us face. We need to shell ourselves out from a life that does not belong to us and enter into one that we can call ours.

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