'World's Best Boss' Took His Employees For a Luxurious Holiday Worth 4 Crore INR!

Photo of 'World's Best Boss' Took His Employees For a Luxurious Holiday Worth 4 Crore INR! by Kadambari Bhatte (curlytravelmess)

When you work hard, you also want to enjoy life to the fullest! And with a generous boss who makes it happen, surely feels like a dream come true! 'Generous boss?' - well, that's only a dream for many of us, and at the most a gift basket on Diwali or chocolates during Christmas is all we end up getting! Imagine, your boss taking you on a trip!

Mark Neilson, an entrepreneur, has earned the title of “World's Best Boss” for his generosity and appreciation towards his staff. Mark gives expensive gifts to his employees and aids them financially. He is one of those who wants to help others progress in life, and he wants his employees to get richer as well.

Everyone would agree that the best way to build team spirit and to make others feel appreciated is surely by taking the staff on a trip. It is certainly hard to find such bosses, but if you do, there nothing like it, right? Afterall, no work and a fun environment can do loads to improve the teamwork and rapport between colleagues.

Mark Neilson Gets The 'World's Best Boss' Title After He Takes His Employees On Extravagant Holidays Worth Rs 4 Crore!

After the company had a phenomenal year of success, Mark Neilson has surprised the world, not just his employees as he planned a holiday worth nearly Rs 4 crore (£400,000) for his staff, along with cash handouts, according to a Mirror report.

In addition to this, 50 people from Mark’s company were sent to Iceland this year in a holiday package worth Rs 82 lakh (£82,000). And each one of them got accommodations in five star hotels!

Another surprise was when Mark took his employees to Cancun on a trip and handed over Rs 60 lakh in cash! Mark says, “The reality is that if I motivate people to do their jobs well, or if there is a contest that motivates them to make a little bit more money, they work harder and stick around. I want people to stay for 10 years, not 10 months. That helps me. And not just in a monetary sense. It is incredibly rewarding seeing people build their confidence and grow.”

So are you going to pray that in 2023 your company sponsors such amazing trips in return, instead of the usual yearly gifts?

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