How to be a full time traveller ? An analytical opinion.


A question that wanders in most heads. How to be a full time traveler ? 

Photo of How to be a full time traveller ? An analytical opinion. by Bhunesh Bhaskar

I am not a full time traveler yet but I am trying to build my to it. So my answer purely based on my research, experiences and discussions I've had with other full time travelling chaps. Below response is solely my opinion there might be or rather there are other ways to it as well

First and foremost let's be informed that becoming a full time traveller is not at all flimsy or glamourous as it looks. Probably just 10%-20% of what most of the full time travelling individuals, bloggers and vloggers portray. They have to portray it as fascinating as it can be or else why would we be even talking about it or even bother to get out of our comfort zone and take uncertain decisions. It does take immense amount of resourcefulness, intuitiveness, efforts and creativity besides your love for travel. So if you understand that notion really well, let's try to put things in perspective and understand the current mainstream idea of getting paid for full time travel. Just like starting any business or profession you would need an initial capital to invest in certain tools, equipments and offcourse to travel. I am sharing certain pointers which cover the basics of being a full time traveller while monetizing those travels to keep travelling more.

I will not bring up the topic of a job that gives you privilege of working from anywhere you have internet or even about freelancing as they both are pretty self-explanatory.

1. Be open to talk or converse with different individuals or even strangers. Building connections is the key to become successful in achieving your travel goals.

2. Making and executing your own customized travel itineraries and keeping them as cheap as possible atleast initially.

4. Originality in anything always attracts more people towards you.

3. Rationing your travel expenses (unless you have a big fat bank balance)

3. Presenting these travel experiences to interested audiences/ viewers and gain traction or following as much as you can using any media (social media, word of mouth, connections etc)

4. Once you have a considearble amount of following or presence in the travel industry there'll be options from this point on.

Option 1

Start building your own travel itineraries using the help of connections you've made during travels or making new while planning for one.

Promote yourself as an individual or as a brand for these travel plans. You might have to spend a little in marketing these plans to others.

Convince others to let you take them to these travel destinations and pay you for all the arrangements while you keep a margin in it as your profit.

Take people to these destinations and show the place/ places from your perspective or intuitive travel itineraries.

Ensure these individuals had a good time with you and would want to travel with you again. If somebody enjoyed your trip he/she would definitely spread the word for you within their connections thus keeping your travel going & income for it flowing.

This will help you attain your travel goals while you inspire others to travel on their own or with you.

Option 2

Start sharing your experiences of travel in articulated format via blogs, vlogs, short movies on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, blogspot, tripoto etc. More like becomming a full time travel blogger/ vlogger or reviewer.

Again you'll have to be creative enough with these things as much as you can so to get people onboard and make them follow your travel experiences.

With due time and enough experience start approaching different brands to sponsor you for your travels. You'll have to be smart enough to let these brands sponsor you while showing them their profit in it.

Indulge in affliate marketing and doing promotions, reviews etc for relevant brands. This helps you travel and keep generating income to travel more.

Option 3

If you are able to manage it do both of the above.

PS: I have barely scratched the surface of being a full time traveller. Always ready to listen and respond to your ideas, questions or comments if you want to discuss in detail.