7 Golden rules of living life to learn from travellers

6th Jul 2016
Photo of 7 Golden rules of living life to learn from travellers by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller)
Day 1
*7 Golden rules of living life to learn from travellers*

It is often said that, there is alot to learn from experienced one's or elderly in life. The reason to learn from them is their experience of living life. But "the life of a traveller" is full of experiences, challenges, family commitments, problems etc. But all travellers are ready to face these problems. Why?

The answer is their "Love to Travel". Travellers are the real lovers and they are the one's who can spend their entire salary cheques for their urge to get experiences :D So let's come together to know what we should learn from "the life of a traveller" :-

1.) Live in present:-

Neither future, nor past is in our hands - A text in most of the spiritual texts or travel blogs, travellers just focus on living in present and making their present as good as they can.

2.) Life goes on forever:-

Life goes on forever and the journey of life is full of experiences. So let's wait to buy few stuff to decorate your home and book your tickets to get a new experience. ;) :D ????

3.) Where one journey ends, the next one begins:-

When a tourist is coming back from a trip, the thought in his mind is that my trip was good but I'm tired. Here comes the difference with travellers :D
While coming back, their mind is full of thoughts about their next destination :D the main learning here is don't be sad when one door is closed. Start thinking about the doors yet to be opened. (P.S. - This rule shouldn't be applied for girlfriends ;) :D)

4.) Love your passion:-

Travellers love travelling and they travel. It doesn't matter if travelling is their profession or not, just keep your ideologies simple and follow your passion.

5.) Live your dreams:-

Travellers love their dreams and they follow them. A short line but this has a deep meaning. We should know our dreams and follow them. This is the biggest secret to be happy :) :D

6.) Learn to walk alone:-

It is often said that you're not a real traveller if you've never travelled alone ;) Solo travelling is getting popular these days and the same rule applies to our life too :D In our life we should not be dependent on others for our decisions. Learn to live your life as you want and not as per others. ;)

7.) Have faith & face challenges:-

Having faith on your strength and capabilities is very important and next important thing is taking a challenge. A mountaineer always knows about the challenges while climbing a mountain but he takes the challenge because his dream is to reach the peak. :D Follow your dreams with faith on yourselves ;)

So pack your bags guys and be a wanderer. Pay your insurance premiums later and let's wait to buy some yearly savings plans. This is the time to travel... A time to get experiences.. a time to live and love ;) :D