Do you know your travel personality?

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Once I wrote an article about- Travel destinations in India according to our Zodiac signs which was highly praised by travelers but also criticized by some of them. I just want to say to them, I know most of us says that we don't believe in Zodiac signs however we Indians including me read their horoscopes daily in newspaper, online or on mobile app. I totally agree zodiac sign don't decide where we will travel, it just tell us about our personality. And if we know our personality, it become easy to choose the travel destination or activities.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the 16 common personality types? A simple Internet search will help you to know about your 4 personality letters and if you’re especially interested, you can take a fun and simple personality test. Each of these sixteen personality types is said to behave in predictable ways true to their temperament. As travel bloggers, I decided to look at this from my unique perspective.

Which one are you?


Free-spirited, emotional, and yearning for connections, the ENFP is driven by inspiration and feelings. Travel, for this type, is about making beautiful memories, interacting with locals, and recording each experience in a heartfelt journal entry. The ENFP is never bored, and looks at the world as a place of unending possibilities.


INFP’s are quiet and reflective, but a lot is going on inside. These creative and reserved folks are deeply guided by their values and express themselves most often through writing.

When the INFP travels, they are likely to enjoy wandering around new cities (perhaps solo), observing their surroundings and diving into local history. They need time spent on their own to refresh and feel at their best, and they will have a great few hours of pondering and wondering as they explore an unfamiliar area.


The ENFJ type is a person who is outgoing and has a big heart for the world. These individuals love dealing with people, and as natural leaders and teachers, they are super-motivating and encouraging of others. Exuberant ENFJs are well-suited to lead group tours, or when traveling with others, will plan a well-organized and busy itinerary.


With deep hearts, INFJs are warm and nurturing souls who love to help others. They make connections easily, which can make them appear to be extraverted in nature, but they require time alone to decompress and recharge. Their combination of traits allows them to understand emotions and needs and then find ways to efficiently meet them. The travel personality of the INFJ is to seek meaning and purpose in their explorations. They are likely to be found volunteering abroad, immersing themselves in local culture, or otherwise making a positive impact on the world.


An active mind & buzzing intellectual curiosity: these are the hallmarks of the INTP. INTPs have a tendency to internalize everything, so that you may not be able to guess what they are thinking or feeling. Yet this privacy does not mean nothing is happening inside–on the contrary they are constant philosophizer, observers, and even scientists of the world around them.


Comprising only a small percentage of the population, ENTPs are quick-witted and independent people who love a good debate. Bandying ideas back and forth is one of the ENTP’s favorite past times. When traveling, this enthusiastic type is likely to be found matching strangers and locals wit for wit. This ties into the ENTP’s extraverted nature and makes it easy for them to meet and interact with others. Their intelligence and confidence works in their favor when it comes to adventures, as this makes them bold and curious. With the ENTP travel personality, it is all about broadening the horizons.


ENTJs are super driven people, and they tend to let nothing stand in their way. These natural leaders will overcome any obstacles that block their path. If the ENTJ wants to travel, you better believe he or she will make it happen. With a decisive nature, ENTJs make choices quickly and share them with others. They have no problem taking charge, and if traveling in a group, may end up calling the shots. They love a good time and a conversation and meet people quite easily; an ENTJ might be the popular center of attention in the hostel, simultaneously debating politics and planning a night out on the town


The INTJ loves to create ideas and possibilities and then capitalize them. Not content with daydreaming, INTJs know how to turn their goals into reality, and they proceed with ambition and strategy. The INTJ is highly intelligent and insightful. This type works hard to understand everything they encounter, with keen observation and an interest in understanding inner workings and patterns. The INTJ travel personality is likely to be found exploring foreign cultures with depth and passion, moving past “touristy” distractions and seeking authentic immersion.


Both great listeners and chatty conversationalists, it is no surprise that the ESFJ is the personality type of “popular” individuals. ESFJs have no problem making friends, and they are loyal to those they are close to, helping them with problems and offering support. Responsible and traditional, the ESFJ can be depended upon. They love to socialize and enjoy the finer things in life, as sensory, external stimuli appeals to them. On their travels, ESFJs can be happy in a wide variety of activities but may be most content enjoying drinks with friends after a full day of shopping and sightseeing.

10. ISFJ

ISFJs are honest and protective people that care most deeply about their friends and family. They work hard to meet others’ needs and support them, but their generous yet private nature sometimes keeps them out of the spotlight. Still, the ISFJ loves to be of service and makes up a large population of “helping” professions. In their travelers, ISFJs may be the first to sign up to volunteer for a worthy cause. When not directly working with others, the ISFJ’s travels may take them to places of natural beauty or rich culture. With a vibrant inner life and a strong memory, the ISFJ enjoys taking in the sensory experiences surrounding them.

11. ESFP

Spontaneous and fun-loving, the ESFP has a flair for the dramatic. To them, life is brimming with possibility and enjoyment, and they intend to live it to the fullest. This desire, coupled with their innate social butterfly-ness, means the ESFP is practically born to travel. ESFPs appreciate luxury and like to make the most of their adventures. Wanting to head out on a spur-of-the-moment food tour? The ESFP will be on board. Yet their zest for living in the moment and their passion for living large can make the ESFP a bit too impulsive. ESFP travelers may want to pack an extra stash of cash to account for the extra fun they will undoubtedly have!

12. ISFP

The ISFP loves to explore and experiment. While they travel the world they are keen observers, quietly absorbing their surroundings with their senses. They experience the world as a vibrant and colorful place, and appreciate aesthetics and artistry. The ISFP journeys with spontaneity and flexibility, allowing others to be in charge and simply going with the flow.

13. ESTJ

ESTJs thrive on being in charge and they do it extraordinarily well. Traveling alongside an ESTJ? These go-getters are super organized, and are likely to be the ones gathering people and getting everyone to join in on a massive pub crawl. ESTJs are very social and love connecting with others, but they prefer to proceed in a structured manner. Want a well-planned itinerary that encompasses fun, challenges, and unique experiences? Go explore with an ESTJ.

14. ISTJ

Logical, dutiful, and decisive, ISTJs enjoy knowing their place in the world and having a strong sense of order. They prefer familiar surroundings, but this doesn’t mean they don’t love to travel as much as the rest of us. The ISTJ is most comfortable with a solid plan of action and with the ability to remain self-reliant. ISTJs are less impulsive than other types, and instead set out to journey methodically and strategically, likely saving money ahead of their travels and having a specific itinerary. Because of this ISTJs ensure they enjoy their travels most.

15. ESTP

Energetic dyanamos, ESTPs adapt quickly and readily to their surroundings. They are active and curious, and may be the ideal personality type for adventure travel. The ESTP loves to take action and never sits still for long. They live in the moment and make the most of their experience. You might be an ESTP is your idea of a vacation involves bungee jumping, scuba diving, and wild scavenger hunts–anything that keeps your blood pumping and your excitement levels high.

16. ISTP

The ISTP loves to create, learn, and discover. Hands-on exploration is their forte, and they tend to be curious and spontaneous. These often unpredictable folks sometimes dive headfirst into things without intense consideration. This can be a blessing and a curse to the ISTP traveler, but it certainly ensures their adventures will never be boring. On their journey, the ISTP is perhaps most likely to be found participating in a cultural activity, studiously observing the people and building a new skill.

What type of traveler you are?