Need Travel Advice? Ask These Fantastic Female Travel Bloggers


asUntil 2018, I had never taken a trip without my friends or family. I’d scroll through my Instagram, see wonderful women travelling solo. I too wanted to experience the freedom that they talked about. But fear ensured that I only live vicariously through their stories.

When I finally did decide to take a trip with a complete group of strangers, it was because of a woman Instagrammer, who pushed me to take the plunge and test myself. Her advice is one that continues to give me strength as I travel alone. So if you'd love to add a touch of inspiration to your feed, here are women who will give you the best travel advice.

1. Prakriti Varshney of It's in the Name

This fashion and graphic designer is an avid traveller whose stories and pictures will light up your feeds. Prakriti travels across India in order to unearth stories, people and cultures that aren't mainstream yet.

She brought to us the intriguing story of headhunters of Longwa, and in her itinerary, took us to the offbeat Pangarchula trek. This super traveller has also founded a hostel, known as Back in Time in Manali that opened its doors to travellers last year. Prakriti also runs an inspiring Youtube channel where she offers us a glimpse of her wonderful life.

Read her experience with headhunters of Longwa here.

2. Tanya Sachdev of Let's Expresso

Tanya proudly describes herself as a true cosmopolitan who loves breaking stereotypes. She challenges norms everyday as she travels solo around the world. Her blogs serve as compilations of the best Indian and international destination one must visit. If you're looking for travel inspiration, check out Tanya's blog and your plans for the next vacation are sure to be sorted. Oh, don't forget to learn from her refreshing fashion sense!

Check out the top 20 places she recommends in the Big Apple.

3. Shilpa Arora from ChicLifeByte

Shilpa reviews luxury properties around the world. Her blogs provide comprehensive information on accommodation, food and services so that you can make a wise choice during your escapade. Whether it is a warrior fortress in Rajasthan or a 5-star property in Mumbai, you can read her blog for an honest review. She also gives you beauty and fashion tips to make your travels more glamorous.

Here's how she felt about her royal stay at Alila Fort Bishangarh.

4. Anupriya Kapur

Anupriya Kapur makes fitness, fashion, travel and being a mom look effortless. When Anupriya finds time from her hectic schedule to wind down and travel, she ensures that her readers know everything about the destinations she visits. Her guides are insightful and perfect if you want to explore a place in two to three days. Most importantly, her blog ring with an honesty that sets them apart from others. She gives a real picture through her reviews. You can follow her travel tips without thinking twice.

Click here to read her helpful tips for visiting Kashmir.

5. Ashlyn Clement of Yatraholic

Ashlyn sets travel goals with her super-aesthetic Instagram feed. She has travelled extensively through Istanbul, Constantinople and Doha. Her blogs are not just local guides but also provide a historic and cultural backdrop so you have a deep understanding of the places you're visiting. Ashlyn is all set to explore the world, so keep an eye out for her stories and adventures.

Here's her 48-hour guide to Istanbul.

6. Renuka Walter of Voyager for Life

Renuka is on a mission to follow her heart and there is no stopping her. She travels all by herself, in order to encourage women to travel solo and taste independence like never before. She has travelled across India, Australia, Italy, Jordan and Malaysia. Her words and photographs capture the essence of the places she visits and even transport you all the way. If you're looking for an excuse to fuel your wanderlust, head to her blog.

Read her tips on how you can choose the perfect accommodation as a solo woman traveller.

7. Manali Mane of The Inquisitive Robot

This Seattle-based Indian engineer brings the world to us with her enchanting words. Manali had travelled to countries like London, Paris and Singapore when she was a child, and this penchant for travel turned into a passion that she now fervently pursues. She will take you to exotic locales of Ireland, Norway, Belize and Canada. If you are heading to these international destinations and are looking for useful tips, Manali's stories will go a long way to help you.

Read about her expedition to experience true Ireland here.

8. Divyakshi of The Quirky Wanderer

After travelling across India extensively, Divyakshi spread her wings and flew to explore most of South East Asia, UAE, Dubai, Spain, Portugal and Myanmar. Her beautifully strung words and a fascinating perspective reveal an unseen side to the places she visits. Ever heard of San Gimignano, Nagarkot or Gili islands? No, right? Well, Divyakshi has been there, explored it and returned with a treasure trove of memories and suggestions.

Let The Quirky Wanderer take you on a journey to the enchanting Yumthag Valley of Sikkim.

9. Preethi of Peppy Travel Girl

Preethi describes herself as a traveller and “happiness-seeker” who chases sunsets, waterfalls, views and everything beautiful. Her blogs serve as guides to various places in India, Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Moreover, her travel tips include suggestions from her personal experiences that come very handy if you’re planning a trip.

Check out her guide to experiencing Bali like never before.

10. Shruthi of Life Outside Cubicle

Shruthi left her steady job as cyber security engineer to pursue her passion. She now lives outside her cubicle and travels around the world looking for new homes and loves. On her blog, Shruthi chronicles her life on the move. Here, you will find itineraries, experiences and stories from India and South-East Asia. You are sure to love her stories of Neelkurinji blooms and the time that she backpacked across Vietnam!

Read her fascinating experience in the last village of Indo-China border here.

11. Arpita Agnihotri of Desi Travellers

Arpita heads the famous travel blog, Desi Travellers, that offers detailed travel guides for destinations around India. The blog includes a comprehensive account of places to visit, things to see, properties, food, and everything you may need to know. Refer to her blog for an authentic flavour of the destination you are visiting.

Check out her off-beat experience in Sethan, ideal for a weekend getaway.

12. Vidya of Vidoutboundaries

This inspiring woman proves that if you want to travel, you can do it in spite of having a full-time job, being married and carrying out the numerous responsibilities that come with it. Vidya travelled to six countries a year back, and up until now, has visited 23. She aims to motivate people to take a chance and travel more often.

Know how she managed to travel to 6 countries and 19 states in one year with a full time job.

13. Suvarna Arora

Traveller and photographer Suvarna Arora has travelled to Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Her blog chronicles stand-out experiences in each of these countries. While her Instagram will stun you with fairytale-like pictures, her travel stories will make you want to pack your bags and leave your monotonous life for real adventure. You will also find helpful last-minute deals on travel packages, cruises and resorts.

Planning a trip to Bali? Look no further, Suvarna has you covered with this 5-day itinerary.

14. Dipanwita Chakraborty of Shoestrings on the Move

Dipanwita has been travelling in order to break the notion that travelling is an expensive affair. She travels on a budget but explores unique places such as the majestic Gurez Valley in Kashmir and Sangti in Arunachal Pradesh. While her blogs act as guides to places around the country, her stories and personal experiences inspire you to travel.

Here's how she explored nine beaches in four days in Goa. Click to find out.

So don't waste time scrolling through mindless content on the internet, follow these bloggers and get inspired!

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