How to kill boredom instead of it killing you #flightzoned

Photo of How to kill boredom instead of it killing you #flightzoned by Charlotte Rodricks

Not sure how many people are like me and choose to reach the airport well in advance or how many people have reached on time only to find out their flight has been delayed by a few hours.Most people would prefer to just sit and do their office work but for those who want to while away their time while enjoying the start of their much needed break, read on for ways to pass time at the airport

1.Wander around the airport and enjoy the various installations/murals on display. Airports like T2 in Mumbai and the cochin international airport in Kerala have a variety of new sculptures on display.

2.Check out people.That doesn’t mean to say you should devour them visually but observe them in terms of what they are reading or eating.At times I’ve ended up picking random books to read completely opposite to the genre I’m used to just because I’ve seen someone else at the airport reading it.

3.Interact with a co passenger or maybe just the person sitting next to you.You can learn a lot about a place and it's culture just by interacting with another person and it might even inspire you to visit that particular place later on.

4.Visit the book stalls irrespective of whether you’re a reader or not. You can often find brochures on places to visit at your destination. Trust me, at one point, whenever I was handed out a brochure I would always take it to the point I would end up hoarding them.

5.Plan your itinary for your trip if it's something you chose to leave until the last minute.