I found a old woman hiking in the mountains ⛰️ ????

18th Apr 2019
Photo of I found a old woman hiking in the mountains ⛰️ ???? by TravelwithaGlobeTrotter

I saw a woman hiking through the mountains wearing simple shoes surrounded by many sheep. After seeing her I tried to guess her age and I think she might be in late 40's because she looks so fit and healthy.  After observing her for few minutes, I asked her if I could click a picture of her,  I was afraid that she might refuse but contrary to my expectations, she agreed and started posing for my pictures. When I asked her if she was tired after trekking so long instead of complaining, she rather smiled back and said that this is her routine work. Me being a traveler, we just go to mountains for some days and just come back after taking pictures and writing posts but these native people have the real connection with the mountains who not only lives but preserves the natural beauty of these places for travellers likes us. Even with less facilities, they don't complaint and rather live happily in such places. They seem to be content with whatever they have unlike many people who have so many facilities at their disposal yet they always complains about one or other things. What we can and what we should learn from such people is the art of contentment and patience. 👣👣

Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by TravelwithaGlobeTrotter