Kaha jau???? ???? Mountains always!! #hillsoverbeaches

8th Nov 2019
Day 1

Want to travel?? But not sure where?? What do you think the first filter should be...?? Country, food, number of days, budget?? Nooooo....!!
It should be mountains or beach??
If you decide on this thing first...you are sorted!

So whenever I travel alone or in group we first decide upon this...mountain or beach...and to tell you the truth 80% of the time its mountains!!
Well isnt it obvious?? 
As the famous quote says,


It goes very well with my plans.

    For me I travel to get refreshed and what is better than visiting a mountain. Also according to human psychology introverts are attracted more towards mountains than beaches...goes well for me.  I know many people will say mountains are overrated and beaches are fun n all.
Offcourse you get your share of refreshment and energy from beach too but it is somehow incomplete. I mean for peace you just get a decent sunset on beach that to if somebody is having party there then that also gets ruined.
    On the contrary in mountains we get a different calm, serenity and a sense of closeness to nature. We also get our share of adventure through hikes and trails. And the sense of achievement we get after completing it is magical. Mountains also teach us that our problems are so tiny and we can deal with them. And hikes we do give us the strength to deal with them. The zen power of mountains needs no description. Have you ever wondered why saints always choose mountains to celebate?? Coz the divine and spiritual power can be attained in such environment only. One can sit for hours in meditation in lapse of nature. We feel so close to that supreme power coz of all the nature surrounding us. This was all about the serenity. For adventure also we have so many examples. Mountaineering is one kind of sport these days. People spend months to conquer a particular mountain. And the challenges they face while doing so teaches them important life lessons. The joy of cycling or biking in mountains is undescribable. Thats why biking through leh ladakh is more famous that on goa streets. Right??
    For us, our generation people who get so less time from our busy schedule, mountains are best. One funny reason being we dont get network most of the time. And whats best than getting detached from that mobile of ours, free from social media world and living in reality for sometime atleast.
    Plus if one is lazy and just wants to relax then just book a cozy warm place with nice view, take your favorite book and just lay in your comfy blanket with nice view. It also refreshes your soul.
   This was all about me and my views about choosing a place. No matter what season it is, what country it is, whichever company I have-  my heart always fly towards mountains. Do let me know what your heart tell you....
Will conclude with a famous quote on mountains...

      Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.” ― David McCullough Jr.

Here is my favorite mountain picture from my gallery,

Teesta river, sikkim.

Photo of Kaha jau???? ???? Mountains always!! #hillsoverbeaches by sonam tayde

P.S. - Jo maza pahado me maggi khane me ya chai/coffee pine me hai woh beach pe ki beer me kaha...🤪