Kalsubai (test your endurance )

28th Sep 2017
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enclosed with fog feeling like heaven on the earth
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kalsubai (kalsubai shikar ) highesh peak in western ghats and also known as Everest of Maharashtra!!!! situated at an elevation of 1646 metres (5400 feet)

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pure air , atmosphere clean and get set ready .... and journey begins

do not stop yourself and test your endurance

journey begins when you start exploring yourself towards the beauty of nature and realize we don't need anything to explore ourselves .

kalsubai is not just the highest peak of western ghats as well of Maharashtra but also the best place to do trekking . High hills , enclosed with fog , pure atmosphere . you are judging how long and how fast we can reach this place and bow towards the goddess kalsubai itis near a small village named as bari where people are loving and helping nature you would get delicious home made simple healthy food.

u need not have to do lot of backpacking for this people who stay in mumbai can catch last local train to kasara so that they can start there trek at morning 5 O' clock

i must say to test your endurance kalsubai is best

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Photo of Kalsubai (test your endurance ) 5/5 by Shraddha Thakur