Top 5 endurance treks in Maharashtra

19th Dec 2018
Photo of Top 5 endurance treks in Maharashtra by Shalini Sharma
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Western Ghats also known as “Sahyadris” runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, where Maharashtra covers around 750 km long coastline with massive ranges for trekkers, rock climbers and nature enthusiasts. Considering the patience and stamina below are five treks which definitely will test your endurance.


At a height of 2969 ft this pinnacle entices trekkers from across the country. It is located between Raigad and Torna in the Mahad Taluka of Raigad district. One can reach Mohari village from Pune which takes around 4 hours. From base village to the railing plateau it is one hour trek. Descend the Boratyachi Nal which takes around one to one and half hour to reach the base of Lingana. Climb the massive Lingana and attempt for the summit. Stay at the caves the same day. Start descending early morning next day and reach the base of Lingana. Take a left from the base going downwards. Keep descending till you see a stone painted white, from here take a left and traverse towards the base to the paddy fields. You will reach Pane village which have ST bus service to reach Varangi. From Varangi one can take bus or shared jeep services till Nijampur. From Nijampur follow the route through small jungle patch which will lead you to the Takmakwadi which will head towards Raigadwadi. This is the last village before Raigad from where the tar road starts and within 30 minutes one can reach the steps of Raigad. To reach Raigad one can climb 1500 steps or the other way is the rope way (known as gandola ride) which charges per person to and fro around 300 INR.

NOTE: The starting point and the end point are different so please make the booking of the vehicles accordingly. For Lingana one requires good technical climbing equipment.


LOCAL CONTACT FOR FOOD AND STAY: You can request anyone from Mohari village to cook or carry your own.


Photo of Top 5 endurance treks in Maharashtra by Shalini Sharma


Alang, Madan and Kulang Fort trek is one of the most demanding treks in Maharashtra due to its mental and physical stamina test. The trio forts provide you with some of the great landscapes and scenes along with Kalsubai which is the highest peak of Maharashtra. One can direct drive to base village by own vehicle or the other route is to reach Kasara station from Mumbai CST. From Kasara reach base village Ambewadi by private sharing jeeps. From base village it is 2-3 hours trek to the base of Alang Fort where one can keep the baggage in the cave. One can start with either Alang Fort or Madan Fort. These two forts can be done on the same day and both have caves on the top where you can set your camp if not willing to stay in the cave at the base of Alang Fort. Start early for Kulang Fort second day by traversing the base of Madan Fort. It will take around 2-3 hours to reach the top of Kulang Fort. One with good stamina can reach the base village i.e. Ambewadi by afternoon.

NOTE: The starting point and the end point are same. One can take their own vehicle and park in the village. Alang and Madan Fort require climbing equipment as both have rock patch.


LOCAL CONTACT FOR FOOD AND STAY: Bhoru – 8928937415 / Lakhan - 7304378941

Alang Fort and Madan Fort from Kulang Fort

Photo of Top 5 endurance treks in Maharashtra by Shalini Sharma


Lonavala-Bhimashankar Trek also famous as Lo-Bhi Trek is known as one of the best back-country trek in the Sahyadri range which passes through deep wild rain-forest, head-high bushes, remote tribal villages, plateaus and temples. This trek covers a distance of 75kms which needs high endurance level.

The route follows as:

Lonavala – Follow route going to Rajmachi and after 2 hours walk take a route going towards Valvand – Kondeshwar Temple – Follow the route towards Dhak Bahiri caves and check for the direction arrow (the arrow board is on one of the trunks of the tree) when you start descending towards Bhimashakar and Dhak – Dhangarwadi (Keep walking the plateau by orienting yourself towards the iron pole which will at last be traversed from the left side of yours) – Kusur – Khandi – Talpewadi – Padarwadi – Kamaljai Plateau - Bhaimashakar

NOTE: The starting point and the end point are different. Carry enough snacks, water and electoral for this trek. Throughout the trek you will come across villages where one can ask anyone for the meal or you can carry your own.


Photo of Top 5 endurance treks in Maharashtra by Shalini Sharma


Harishchandragad is a beautiful hill fort in the Ahmednagar region and has become a very popular trekking destination of the Sahyadris. There are 3 routes to reach Harishchandragad fort one via Naalichi Vaat (most difficult one), second via Khireshwar village and third via Pachnai village (easiest one). Trekking through Nalichi Vaat is defined as a nerve wrecking trek to the top which gives you a surreal view from the Konkan Kada. One can descend via Khireshwar route to have the best scenic beauty.

NOTE: The starting point and the end point can differ as per your plan.



Nalichi Vaat

Photo of Top 5 endurance treks in Maharashtra by Shalini Sharma


This incredible hiking location is hidden in the Western Ghats near Ratangad. The valley with 200 feet deep gorges in the Bhandardara Region is a landscape for every nature lover to feast their eyes on. You can rappel down to reach the base. Walk through the water in the gorge which is 4 to 5 ft deep adds to the thrill of the experience.

NOTE: The starting point and the end point are different so please make the booking of the vehicles accordingly.



Valley of Shadow - Sandhan

Photo of Harishchandragad, Maharashtra by Shalini Sharma

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