According to experienced trekkers, the Kedarkantha trek is simple to moderate in difficulty. This journey is open to everyone over the age of five and under the age of 65. However, you should be aware that the difficulty of the Kedarkantha trek tends to rise throughout the winter. Between December and April, the entire trail is blanketed in snow, making ascending or even strolling impossible. Only the trek up from Kedarkantha base camp can be challenging. Kedarkantha is well-known as a winter trip. However, keep in mind that winters can be brutal. You'll need snow boots, really warm clothing, special coats, a walking stick, and hiking equipment, all of which you'll have to carry on your back. Summer trekking, on the other hand, would necessitate fewer items. When planning the Kedarkantha journey, bear the above in mind. Sankri is the final place you may go for help in an emergency. As a result, it is critical that you are in good health prior to embarking on the Kedarkantha trek. Oxygen levels will drop as you trek uphill. As a result, you should have a healthy respiratory system and robust lungs.