The Cool New Way to Budget Travel – Pack Your Bags and Head to the Hills


As someone who has been born and brought up in the mountains, I have had ample opportunities to hone my trekking skills. In fact, trekking and hiking come as second nature to me. I rarely ever find fascination in taking expensive trips to mainstream destinations. I would rather spend money to sleep under a million stars than a fortune on a conventional 5-star hotel. After all, what is the point of a vacation if I can’t escape my real life and enter a world so beautiful that it feels like fantasy?

Priceless experiences on a shoe-string budget:

I started out with taking the Triund trek and since then have undertaken six major treks in Himachal Pradesh. I love the fact that treks are pocket friendly. In just about Rs 700 - 1000 per day, my food and accommodation are taken care of. Along with this, I get the priceless experience of being amidst nature and traversing across stunning landscapes! What more could you ask for?

The easy Kheerganga trek had been on my list for a long time. I was feeling jaded in Delhi, and this weekend trek seemed like the perfect escape. I tried to get away a number of times, but life kept getting in the way.

This year when spring bloomed, I booked myself a trek to Kheerganga with Riding Solo. I knew I would get lazy about planning my trip and ultimately cancel it. Handing the reins of my trip to a company that I trusted in, (having travelled to Hampta with them previously) ensured that all I had to do was pack by bags and get myself to Kasol. Everything else would be taken care of. I was excited to meet new trek leaders, have new adventures, and behold majestic sights! I also couldn't help but think about the scrumptious meals that would greet us at the very end of a challenging day.

In a matter of a few days I was right where I wanted to be. My trek to Kheerganga was an absolute delight.

Here's how you can do it too!

For those of you who don’t already know, Riding Solo is a trekking company that organises affordable trekking expeditions to Himachal, Kashmir, Nepal, Sikkim, Ladakh and the Western Ghats. If you’re a lazy planner like I am, you can contact Riding Solo with your dates and budget. They will offer you a trek that is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Book your next adventure with them here.

Their treks are easy on the pocket and conducted by expert leaders. If you're still looking for the right group to trek with, there's no need to look further. Have a look at some of the treks that they offer:

Triund Trek:

Duration: Two days

Difficulty level: Easy

Best time to visit: From March to October

Temperature: 12°C - 16°C

Highest altitude: 9,350 ft.

If you’re not up to climbing all the way up to Dhauladhar range, this trek will take you up to a comfortable height in Triund. From here, you can admire the majestic Dhauladhar range on one side and the green Kangra valley on the other. Triund has rolling green meadows that will make your heart sing. Watch the sunset on a grassy spot near your camp as the golden rays fall over the snow-capped Dhauladhar range. Nightfall will bring out twinkling stars for you to sleep under, so gear up for some magic.


Duration: Two days

Difficulty level: Easy

Best time to visit: Summers and winters

Temperature: 10°C - 20°C

Highest altitude: 9,450 ft.

At a lofty height of 3000 m, Kheerganga, the last inhabited village on the edge of Parvati valley is the perfect weekend trip to leave your mind and body rejuvenated. Surrounded by snow clad mountains and lush green valleys, the trek is a visual treat to you forget your sore legs.

Interact with locals and get a glimpse of the simple life. Climb the peak and be greeted by the mystical hot water springs. Luxuriate in its natural warmth and look down from 13,000 ft. at floating fluffy clouds and white, pristine mountains. It’ll beat any Jacuzzi, hands down.

Hampta Pass:

Duration: Four days

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to visit: June to August

Temperature: 6°C - 18°C

Highest altitude: 14,035 ft.

The Hampta Pass joins the Kullu valley and Lahaul valley at a whopping height of 14,100 ft. Manali with its range of activities such as paragliding, rappelling and even some relaxing trout fishing has this trek on offer which will get the ol’ adrenaline pumping.

The hike offers a variety of landscapes for you to experience. There is everything from the verdant rolling meadows, gushing, forceful rivers, rocky mountain terrains as well as soft white snow for you to play around in. There are dense forests you’ll be walking through to the song of birds as well as icy glacial streams that spill over under rickety wooden bridges. The trek reaches its zenith at 14,100 ft. at the top of Hampta pass with views that’ll stay with you.

Book your trek here.

Har Ki Doon:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to visit: April- June and post-monsoon between September and December

Temperature: Day time - 8°C-15°C / Night time - (-5°C-3°C)

Highest altitude: 12,000 ft.

The beauteous Har Ki Dun in the Garhwal mountains has a number of attractions that will enchant you, but the two most prominent attractions are its veritable treasure of untamed nature and links to mythology.

The ideal time to visit Har Ki Dun is in summer. Bouts of rain refresh the land as you walk through the cedar and pine adorned forests with beads of rain droplets clinging to their leaves—a world in each suspended droplet. Pink rhododendron, orchids and other flowers are vivid colours blooming against the vibrant green.

Bird watchers should get their telescopes along to catch rare sights. Savour the magnanimity of Bandarpoonch, Blackpeak and Swagarohini.

Goecha La Trek:

Duration: 10 days

Difficulty level: Hard

Best time to visit: April - May and September - November

Temperature: 6°C - 18°C

Highest altitude: 15, 100 ft.

You should be incredibly fit before you attempt the Goecha La, which is both strenuous and rewarding. Goecha La loosely translates to ‘understanding the ridge’, which you will, once you set foot in these higher altitudes. The trek begins from a quiet little hamlet called Yuksom. Yuksom paves the way to lush green Sachen, and then to Bakhim and Tshokha. From here it’s onward to Goecha La. The soaring view of Mt. Pandim and Mt. Tenzing Khang will make you see the majesty of the Himalayan ranges, the mysteries it holds and the beauty it exudes. Watch the sun rise over Kanchenjunga turning the white snow a warm golden.

Book your trek here.

Bhrigu Lake:

Duration: Four days

Difficulty level: Easy

Best time to visit: April - May and August - October

Temperature: 20°c-5°c

Highest altitude: 14,000 ft.

This high-altitude Alpine lake is situated at 14,000 ft. , which you will reach within the span of three days. The route will take you through ancient villages, rice fields, and provide you with sweeping views of the majestic Hanuman Tibba and the Seven Sisters. At this whopping height, you can float with the clouds. The lake is also said to change colours as seasons change. After the lake, there are sulphur springs that you can visit.


Duration: 5 days

Difficulty level: Easy - Moderate

Best time to visit: November- March

Temperature: -8°C - 10°C

Maximum Altitude: 12,500 ft.

Beginning from Sankri Village in Uttarkashi district, the trek to Kedarkantha is perfect to undertake during winter season. Located within a protected sanctuary, Kedarkantha is widely known for its beautiful campsites. This is a snow trek that is lined with walnut and pine forests, and open meadows. Once at the summit, you'll be blown away with the 360 degree view of famous mountain summits.

Book your trek here.

So grab your trekking shoes and your rucksack, the next adventure awaits you!

In association with Riding Solo.

Been to a trek that took your breath away? Write about your experience on Tripoto here.

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