Letters to Her : To my beloved , From A Cold Snow Trek

23rd Feb 2019
Photo of Letters to Her : To my beloved , From A Cold Snow Trek by Deepjyoti Biswas
Day 1

As I walk and remember you, I understand how love can be so like a winter trek. Beautiful in appearance, yet so cold in core. There is a absolute absence of warmth at times , yet you are intrigued of what lies ahead. The mist veils the surrounding, adding to the mystery and like the most I am also devoid of sunlight. You can feel the hopelessness in the trees that have shed all it's youth and stand only as a pack of ghost. Yet everything about this surrounding is still yet beautiful. I have walked through this a thousand times , and so have people, yet surely every one of us never cease to return here.
There is no colour around , the melancholy trapped in every atom in the scene puts together a monochrome. You are free to touch , see and feel but not to change , even with all the colours in your heart or Joy. Feets wet , numb toes , eyes sore and we still walk on, for there is certainly a promise of Paradise once we cross through all that is around here. Keeps us going indeed. And like I keep on your persuit, so do I on the track. Sometimes the track is lost under snow , and that is the time , when we heed our heart and also practice our mind to find the way out. There is risk and physical toil both. Making a trail in snow , the knees cry out and the legs pain , but like every foolish lover , I keep my persuit on.
The journey and the walk matters here more than where I reach ultimately. The things you see , feel , foolishly love and try to gain , all that matters in the road ahead. It doesn't matter success or failure , it doesn't matter if we gave more to the trail than what we receive, what matters is when everything was a monochrome , we still tried to put in some colours around. What matters is when the cold filled in our heart, we didn't stop but kept on the walk with the warmth of our breath. And lastly, what matters is we never cease to see the beauty in it, and keep coming back, just like I keep coming back to you.
With #love & #snow ,
Location - Kuari Pass ( Lord Curzon's trail ) , Uttarakhand.

Photo of Letters to Her : To my beloved , From A Cold Snow Trek by Deepjyoti Biswas
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