Live(d) It!

11th Jun 2016
Photo of Live(d) It! by Aishwarya Bamzai
Day 1
You know what they say? Dream it and work towards it so that you can live it.

I have travelled around India since a young age and seen different cities and towns and I have always believed that India is a beautiful country that is extremely rich in culture and heritage. Every city and town has a story to tell and every monument holds significance.

While my family has toured the world, I never got the chance to go outside the country to see how different it is until recently when I decided I will save money from my salary to buy myself a round trip ticket to my dream city, London.

While I thought the odds were against me when I couldn’t go last year to study, it’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since. It’s true when people say when one thing doesn’t work out; something else will come our way.

Live(d) the dream alone. I have made memories for a lifetime and I won’t have wanted any other country stamp as the first stamp on my passport.

I got some great deals, ate to my heart content, found some great deals while visiting the ‘must visit’ places and I’ll share it because why not! Maybe someone could make use of it :)

Oxford Street, London

Photo of Live(d) It! by Aishwarya Bamzai