Log off now and plan for your dream destination - Why should you travel?


Thanks for logging off and joining me in my quest to explore the world ????

If you aren't convinced with the fact of why should you pack your bags, leave your desk and set for that amazing destination to create memories of a lifetime, let me motivate you a bit and make you open your calendar and start making that plan you have been yearning to make!

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Seeing this picture you must be wondering I am a seashore lover who just enjoys lazing in the sand with a bottle of beer and watch the sun go down. Yes indeed I am a person who loves to laze around, but in new destinations; and it refreshes my soul when all the four biophysical elements namely the hydrosphere ('hydro' for water), biosphere ('bio' for living things), lithosphere ('litho' for land), and atmosphere ('atmo' for air), like in this picture, touch me and allow me to say a HI!!!

Welcome to my world of exploring places... ????

In this fast-paced lives of ours where we are jam-packed with our 9 to 9 jobs Mondays to Fridays (sometimes even Saturdays), it's extremely unethical if we keep that faint wish of going to a dream vacation awaiting. When you pack your bags and set sail, you start living in the moment, neither dwelling on the past nor predicting the future, and that's what makes all the difference.

So why should you travel ?

Travelling makes you become responsible, because now you have to take care of your own shit and hence you start appreciating even the little things. It enhances your creativity and builds your self-confidence. Trust me, travelling can get shitty scary at first, especially when you arrive in a new land all by yourself; but believe in your adaptability skills (after all, you had mentioned this as your strength in the HR round of your interview ????). You will soon get used to the people and the culture very quickly than you ever thought and when you return home you can be super proud of who you've become and the fact that you did it all by yourself. Travelling is better than the best anti-depressants, and has a more soothing and healing effect than what a wine or a cigar or even stuff would do ????

So don't wait !!

Apply for those planned leaves or take a career break and execute your travel plan to take yourself to a destination where you've never been before. Trust me, you will return back stronger (mentally, physically and emotionally) and most importantly with the quest to travel more!

After all, "It does not matter with whom you travel, but where you travel to!" ????????????

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