Start Solo.. Start Now! How?

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Many times, I have been asked by my colleagues, how do I do it? How do I start travelling on my own? Even I want to do it but...

So, to all the people who wants to travel, doesn't matter what their age is, doesn't matter how much money they have, they should just start. I actually tell to all the people I meet, I don't give too much of a thought. The actual problem starts when you think too much, like what will happen? Whom will I meet? Will I be kidnapped? How will I handle any mischief? These are some of the negative energies, negative thoughts that should be kept aside, not ignored ofcourse. All these questions can be taken in a positive sense and journey can be started.

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I know I can do it. Take my bag, and start, that's it. I understand that it's not that easy for everyone so here is the list of things that you can try and take your baby steps to the world of backpacking and solo travelling.

1) Start with a movie. This is easiest. Go to theatre, all alone, choose one of your favourite movie. Book a ticket and go. If its the kind of movie you like, you would not even notice who is sitting next to you. You will be so engrossed in the movie, in enjoying yourself that you won't bother about anybody.

2) Goto the places you wanted to always go! or have heard about it from someone but you never got a company. It could be any restaurant, any play, any musical evening or even a monument. I am in Delhi, I love exploring historical monuments. So, just start with it. When you are tired, just sit, look around, look at the people, try to understand what all things are going in surroundings and connect. Always welcome people who talk to you without judging them. You will start feeling different. You will be more of a listener than a speaker. More of an observer and when you will speak, it will be a matter of substance.

3) Repeat the above two points couple of times, even more.

4)Once you are accustomed to your own company, this is the time to move a little more out of your comfort zone. Get to the nearest place from the city you live, very well connected, you might even know few people in that city. So if I am in Delhi, I would first target Agra or Dehradun,something nearby. Haah! Book a ticket. Go to station and sit in the train/bus or whatever is convenient. Once you reach there, you wont feel lot of difference, if you were comfortable by now with traveling within the city alone. Trust me, you will have your plans of sight-seeing, relaxing, reading etc. Nothing will bother you. You will definitely find people on your journey, good and bad but you will just learn how to manage. You will grow and become a better person by knowing yourself even deeper.

5) Now, you are a pro. Make your plans. Go anywhere, do adventures, trek, everything whatever you have ever dreamt of doing. Just do it. This is the right time. Don't wait.

Photo of Start Solo.. Start Now! How? 3/3 by Neha Shrivastava

One more thing is when you travel, you will make friends while travelling and some of them will actually become your friends for life because they have seen you in your best and in your worst. They will be one of the treasures, you will find on your way. Just trust yourself and go!

So, which movie are you going to? :)