Best beaches in Seychelles

14th Jul 2016

I just completed a 10 days trip to Seychelles, more precisely to 5 of its islands- Mahe,Praslin,Curieuse,La Digue and St Pierre.

If you visit any of the beach destinations in the world, you will be spending a good amount of your time at the beach. Seychelles too has too much to offer and in a limited time you must make sure to be at the best beaches. I will help you out with the best beaches and a possible accommodation to stay at as I stayed here.

Facilities to expect at the beaches in Seychelles:

Local vendors for boat rides and day tours

Local vendors to rent snorkeling equipment

Take away shops , restaurant and coffee shops

Carry your own beach beds if you are not staying in a resort next to the beach

Local supermarkets for beer but advisable to carry your own beer box

Clean beaches, less people, at times if you walk a bit , you can find your own secluded beach

Most of the beaches are swimmers friendly

Except for a beach in La Digue, the entry to rest was free

Inquire a bit and you can be a part of the weekly bazaar at various beaches


Not to be missed

Anse Boileau

Beau Vallon

Port Launay

Port Launay

Photo of Mahé, Port Launay Road, N.Y.S. Village, Seychelles by Abhinav Sharma

Anse boileau

Photo of Anse Boileau, Seychelles by Abhinav Sharma

Beau Vallon

Photo of Beau Vallon, Seychelles by Abhinav Sharma

You can also try Grand Anse, it is very close to Port Launay and can be clubbed with a day’s plan or may be skipped , it being the same side of the coast.

Options to stay at Mahe: Stephna residence ( I stayed here for a day and wished that i had stayed more. A self catering place with a gentleman owner , this place will give you an awesome experience. Would highly recommend this. You can see the Anse Boileau beach nearby from this property and can be at the beach even on the foot.

Lemongrass : Walking distance from the Beau Vallon , this is one of the most scenic places t stay. There is a mesmerizing view of the sunset from here and the terrace for food is awesome. i stayed here for 3 days. The only drawback is that the owner will try to sell you stuff, ignore him on the first day and stay peacefully.


Not to be missed

Anse Volbert

Anse Lazio

Anse Volbert

Photo of Anse Volbert Village, Seychelles by Abhinav Sharma

You can skip Gran Anse as i found it not to be so clean

Place to stay: I stayed at Berjaya Praslin Resort for 5 days and found it to be the best. It is at stone throw away distance from the resort and has a pizzeria attached to it. You can get vendors to organize your day trips to nearby islands

La Digue

If you are at Seychelles and haven’t been to La Digue, you have missed a lifetime opportunity to see its most photographed beach in the world named Anse Source D argent.You need to go to the L Union Estate to enter this beach and the entry to it is 200 Sechellian Rupees (SCR).

The other beach named Grand Anse has such blue waters that makes it out of the world experience.

Anse Source D Argent

Grand Anse

Anse D Argent

Photo of Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles by Abhinav Sharma

Grand Anse

Photo of Grand Anse Mahe, Seychelles by Abhinav Sharma

Where to stay: I took a day trip to La Digue and back. There are a lot of options for stay and it being a small place , you can go walking or on a cycle.

Note that this is the first of the series on Seychelles and do follow for more