Maharajganj to deoria

25th Aug 2021

Today I get up early in the morning. And get ready to go to deoria.
10 Am I'm waiting for the bus. And the climate is so favorable.
I get bus at 10:30 AM.
For going to Deoria, first we have go to gorakhpur and then after we take another bus form gorakhpur to Deoria.
After 2 Hr. I reached to gorakhpur but finally one of my friends call me to wait for him at gorakhpur bus station. He said to me that he will comes with me to Deoria.
   At bus station I waited for him upto 1 hr. After 1hr he came.
Then after we both together get another bus for gorakhpur to Deoria.
Unfortunately after 50 min it started to rain over, and the most thing is that , we  are about to reach to Deoria, only 10 min left to get down from the bus.
But unlucky we, we get down from the bus and got wet.
We stay at a cafe, got some coffee and sandwich. And then come at our room.
  We get fresh and sleep a while.
After we getup in the evening, we go for night meal 🍴🍱 . And finally got chicken biriyani. So we had that chicken biryani and at last we came at the room again. This is all about my 1st day.